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Ruger MkII Stainless Rifles

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Last week end I made and extremely stupid mistake and shot a 308 Win. round through my Ruger MKII Stainless 270 Win. rifle. The rifle held together and shows no visable damage but is being sent into Ruger to be completely checked outand repaired if possible. This is a very good testiment for Ruger rifles and how well they are made. I feel extremely lucky that the rifle did not blow up in my face and can not say enough positive things about Ruger firearms. The 30 caliber Nosler 125 gr ballistic tip even hit the target @ 100 yards but was a little High and right.
Just remember even the most experienced shooter can make a mistake as I have shot rifles for sum 42 years now and thank's to God and Bill Ruger I will continue to shoot and enjoy the outdoors.
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You just rediscovered "swaging"! :D
I've never liked Ruger's auto pistols, but their rifles and revolvers are "Numba One". They make some of the strongest actions available. There's a very good chance your rifle is undamaged, but it is a good idea having them check it out.
I've got an older model M77 myself (.22-250 Varminter), and I'll never let it go.
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