Ruger New Model Single Six (32 H&R Mag) Holster

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    I have recently acquired the above mentioned revolver for the missus, and am now in the market for a holster. Now I know I may be asking a little much, but I'd like something that she could possible wear with an untucked shirt and conceal it. I'm assuming it will have to be worn OWB, but I'm open for whatever. Do you revolver guys have any suggestions? Here is a pic of the firearm.

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  2. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist one has a holster for, or owns a New Model Single Six???
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    Nope closest I had was a Bisley Blackhawk.

    And really for a CCW type holster you are looking at something custom made. As most others will not be cut or have belt loops that will keep the holster/gun tucked into the body. Barranti Leather 412-860-4804

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    Try "Muddy River" They will make a buffalo hide holster for a very reasonable price. They don't stress beauty. They are plain but well made. Very very easy to work with.
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    I might be able to rig something up. I have a NMS6 with a 5.5” barrel. I’m working on an OWB holster for my glock right now. If it turns out the way I’m wanting it, I could draw something up for you.
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    I just realized this is from last year :D
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    That’s kind of funny. Maybe still good info for some one along the way?

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    Time flies when we're having fun, AJ! LOL
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