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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by snake, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. snake

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    I just traded off a pistol that I just never shot much for a ruger black powder revolver. I don't know much at all about this gun, and would like to get a value on it in case I want to sell it or trade it off...I'm not sure I'll have the time to start into black powder shooting. It is new and unfired with the box and all the paperwork.... Thanks...
  2. vodkazombie

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    Ruger Old Army's bring in 300-400 depending what you have. Stainless? Blued?

    They shoot conicals well.. and are very accurate. Most people find that roundballs in .458 work.

    I see Old Armys listed at 425.00 on auction arms, but I rarely see them sell at that price.

  3. GaryG

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    Used Old Army's go for between $250 and $350 in my area. Your gun being new in the box should bring the higher price. Stainless steel is worth a bit more.
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    Looking for a ROA in 5.5" SS and fixed sights.

    Any leads?


    Blue Mesa
  5. Agree with vodkazombie

    This is a good gun but it is not something to set the black powder world on fire. Enjoy it, do not expect it to be an investment, and shoot the bullets recommended by the prior poster.

    I owned one about ten years ago and did not like it as I felt it had a bad combination of weight and balance. I never was satisfied with my shooting performance. I sold it after about a year.
    Do not miss it.
  6. They are good guns but that's all I have to say. Don't feel they are worth the money.
  7. navy_vet

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    Mine shot better after I replaced. the grips. Don't remember what grips I used.
  8. harlan

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    best on the market
  9. harlan

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    mine has the adjustable sights so is worth more than the idiot said these are american guns do they still make them?
  10. No. I think they quit making them about six months ago. Ruger has since ceased all black powder production.
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    I like my Ruger Old Army.Its 71/2 barrel stainless with adjustable rear site.I found a gloss stainless steel Ruger cylinder for sale that slipped right in my revolver and shoots just fine.Classicballistk in Texas makes a percussion cylinder for the ROA That is stainless and can be had with a gloss finish.Mine shoots Speer&Hornady .457 balls very well.Looking to get a Lee conical bullet mold this fall.Hodgon 777 powder shoots and cleans up well in my gun.
  12. dmb3006

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    I'm looking for a 1858 style Remington C&B revolver with adjustable rear site.I like Pietta's must be steel frame.