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Ruger p89/94 which one?

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I am wondering about these guns and which is the most accurate. What kind of groups should they get fired from a rest?
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Those are the plastic ones. I do not want the plastic ones.
Sorry but I do not think much plastic belongs in guns!! If I want a plastic gun I will but a cap gun.
No it is just what I like. Not that I think plastic is no good but it is not for me. I even am hessitant about the aloy used in them. I come from an agracultiural/industrial background and plastic just aint the same as steel.
I have a P-89 and a KP-90. If you want an accurate weapon try the P-90. In my hands it is far more accurate than my P-89. The recoil of the .45 over the 9mm is not bad and it's satisfying to see all those big holes so close together!
Ok now I am interested in a p90. Recoil don't bother me and it is for target shooting anyway, well actualy more for fun. I reload so the ammo cost is not much more than 9mm that way. But what is The price differnce?
JohnD, back to your origional question. The only real difference between the P89 and the P94 is the profile of the slide. As far as accuracy, I don't think one has an advantage over the other.

As for the P95/P97. Yes the frame is a polymer, that is glass reinforced. Unlike the Glock or H&K, there are no steel rails for the slide to ride on. The rails are polymer. I own both a P94 and a P95, and I personally prefer the P95 because it is noticeably lighter, and it has less "felt" recoil. The polymer is impervious to solvents and oils. It is not a compromise of materials. I haven't seen a single Ruger weapon fall apart from the use of inferrior materials.

You should also know that Ruger doesn't make a steel framed autoloader with the exception of the .22. All the "P" series are made with an aluminum alloy, of course with the exception of the P95/P97. Steel is good. You may want to look at one of the CZ75 series of pistols since they have a steel frame.

Have fun and enjoy.:D
I paid $300 for the P-89 (blued) and $360 for the KP-90 (stainless steel slide). I didn't price the blued P-90, it should be somewhere in between those two figures. I hear that the P-97 is even more accurate than the P-90 and I'm saving up for one. I wouldn't be afraid of going with the polymer frame. Ruger conducts extensive testing and wouldn't be in business long if they turned out inferior products. The term " Rugers are built like tanks," is commonly heard and should last several lifetimes. As with most things, it pays to shop around for the best price.
I have looked at a CZ but They are $700-$800 compared to $550 for a p89. But would it be worth it? The CZ I mean
JohnD, I have seen the CZ in the $400+ range here in Texas. It is a sweet pistol. I would seriously consider it, but not at the prices you are seeing. That range would take me to a P226 or P228 first. Check Shotgun News for distributors, and some dealers who don't normally handle them might be willing to bring one in for you for a fee.

The P89's here in Texas gor for around $389. I bought my P94 out of a used counter for $250, and it was totally brand new P95's are usually under $300 new. You might look into the used counter at your gun shop, or possibly find a better gunshop. Used Glocks go for around $429 here. Good shooting!!!!
That's the thing I can get a p220 for the same as a CZ. But I like the steel part of the CZ. I live in a remote area so the amount of gun shops I can look at are limited. Unless I want to drive 500 miles checking out 10 gun shops, May as well buy a new one then and know what I am getting instead of looking for good used. Unless I fiind one at the local dealer.
The 89 and 94 are both good solid pistols. I like Sturm-Ruger because it combines quality and affordability.
I think I wil eventualy get a p94.
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