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Ruger pin guns

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I have two Ruger P-90 pin guns. Both have 5 1/2" ported Firedragon barrels and Firedragon steel guiderod buffers. One has a molycoat bake-on slide and Ashley sights. The other has a dovetailed fiberoptic (green) front sight. Both have actions and trigger polish that has to be felt to be appreciated. Hot +p is no problem and I use the 8rd. P-97 mags.

Anyone else shoot pins?

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Would love to try it . I have an indoor range not far from the house that shoots pins once a week. How about some more information on it. I would like to tune up my Charles Daly 1911 and shoot some.( The guys at the range are Daly bashers But he offered to trade me a Lama for my Daly and $100 what swell guy) P.S. He only wanted $300 for the Lama Doesn't think much of ol' Chuck by the way it looks.

Pin shooting is a blast. You've got to have a hot load w/ flat or blunt projectile... at least that's what works for me.

If you're looking for a great 1911 to customize, the 1927 Argentine Systemas are great! They are Colt 1911's built in Argentina on license during the post WW2 era. All parts interchange and gunsmiths like them. They are made of some of the hardest steel I've ever seen.:D :p

Thanks for the info Jesse. Looks like I'll have to try it out. One more thing for the wife to complain about. At least it gives her something to do.
I think my desert eagle would work on pins. Does it still count if the pins explode?
Desert Eagle


A Ruger Super Redhawk .454 casull would also be impressive!

If we are going to go there let's go all the way. The BFR in 45-70 should rip'em a new one.
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