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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by rob g, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. rob g

    rob g G&G Regular

    I have the opportunity to buy a Ruger security six with a 6" barrel
    But i dont know what it would be worth It is a 357 and I would say that the gun has not been shot maybe a total of 10 times
    I would rate the gun a 4 on a scale of 5
    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Without anything more to go by I'd give it an estimated value of $375+/- $25 as a starting point if you're gonna begin bargaining for the gun.

  3. Billyz

    Billyz G&G Newbie

    If I were to bargain for it I would start at 250 and top out at 325
  4. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf G&G Evangelist

    Stainless or blue? Any accessories/ammo with it?
    Almost any quality revolver in .357 magnum is worth $300 these days.
  5. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    I own the following .357 mag Ruger security-six which is stainless steel. I'm not aware they were made as "blued." Could be...but I just have never seen one like that...yet.

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  6. +1, I'm leaning toward the +25 side though.

    JESSEDR G&G Addict

    Oxford: My security six was made in June 1983, and it's blue.
  8. dhermesc

    dhermesc G&G Evangelist

    I have an older model Security Six that is blued also. I don't know if it was standard but mine also has cool bluing work on the trigger and hammer. The sides of both are polished steel (stainless?) while the area that you finger and thumb would touch are blued.
  9. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Somehow I'm not surprised some Security Six's are blued. I always like to learn more about specific guns. Thanks!