Ruger Single Six Barrel

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by 6string, Apr 18, 2002.

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    I see my single six barrel screws on. How hard is it to replace? How do I grab the barrel and frame without damaging it? I'd like to get a 9-1/2" barrel for it. Any help guys.
  2. The way a gunsmith would do it is with the proper action wrench and a barrel wrench or clamp. On a revolver, you can warp the frame (action) if you don't know what you are doing. Plus, buying a new barrel for a Ruger is not cheap. You would probably save money if you traded your 6.5 inch gun in on the 9.5 inch one.

    I have heard of people using red oak to make action blocks. It's a good, one-time tool. The timing of your new barrel will be an issue, too. If you don't get it top dead center (TDC) then it wil never shoot to point of aim. I don't mess with Rugers for ideological reasons, but in order to get the timing correct, you may need a lathe or a shoulder relieving tool of some sort if it screws in.