Ruger SP101 with internal lock???

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    Ok So I decided to go buy my Ruger SP101 today. I called up my local gun shop and spoke the FFL holder.

    Hi I want a Ruger SP101 with a 3 1/16" barrel in .38/.357mag.

    He went to look up the price, while he was looking through his pricing guide he was reading off (to himself) the different models as Ruger obviously makes the SP101 in several different calibers.

    When he mentioned the new .327mag I asked him what he thought about it.

    Well apparently all new handgun rounds have to get approved by the Maryland State Police and added to an "approval list". Being as the .327 is new, its not on the list, so its illegal to sell a gun chambered for it because it would violate the laws banning "saturday night special" type guns in Maryland.


    Well not a big deal considering I want mine in .357magnum anyways.

    Well problem 2. The warehouse guy (gun store FFL doesnt have an SP101 already on hand) doesnt know if he can ship one to maryland because he doesnt know if the SP101 has a model with a built in trigger lock.

    internal lock? WHAT?!?! Its a revolver!!!

    You can read about that here, but dont stay too long as the websites name in of itself is enough to make you vomit.
    Maryland's Landmark New Gun Safety Law
    clinton for

    My FFL (who really is a great guy btw so im not knocking on him) has an Omega lock he can sell with it, but apparently the warehouse guy or someone called the Ruger company and their legal dept doesnt want to get involved with the issue and so they wont let any of their guns be imported into sale into Maryland without the lock
    so they can avoid the whole lock legal issue entirely.

    :Eyecrazy::zx11pissed: So now he has to hunt down a revolver that is shipped with an internal lock..... Does ruger even make such a thing?

    I dont even know how that law works. I bought a Kimber 1911 from gander mountain. That didnt have a internal lock, it came with a cable lock. How was that sell legal?

    Someone told me it was because its a single action gun or something like that.. I dont know.

    I do know that Gander mountain is also selling Ruger SP101 revolvers. I wonder if A. those have some type of internal lock or B. Gander is selling ilegal handguns.

    I try not to buy guns from them either way as they overprice their guns horribly, and their customer service is not the best to begin with in my own expirience.

    SO am I screwed or what? Im trying to buy a HIGH quality, LOW capacity hand gun, Im not trying to buy an UZI here or some cheap throw piece lol.

    I cant wait till I move to delaware so I dont have to put up with all this states crap.
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    Wow--that sucks. Let's see--gun control laws that don't make THAT's a new one.

    Glad I don't live in the PRMD. Come on down to TX--you can buy any kind of pistol you like. NICS and no waiting. Get a CCW permit while you're here :)

  3. I think it comes with a separate lock. A really nice one that says Ruger on it.
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    Yea but unfortunately since its not an internal lock it doesnt count.