Ruger SR9

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sport717, May 28, 2008.

  1. Sport717

    Sport717 G&G Newbie

    Hey guys!, Has anyone heard if Ruger has worked out the problem with the SR9 or not?. I really want one but am holding off until I know the problems have been corrected.
  2. Just check there website and or call them. Call a dealer and ask them also.

  3. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    Best give Ruger a call, their customer service is really good.

    I haven't heard anything about them recently, good or bad. They're kind of hiding in the shadows.
  4. Seven©

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    The only ones with the "possible problem" have serial numbers 330-XXXX. Just don't buy one of those.
  5. Yes, they have fixed the problem on current ones. Send the old ones back and they will be fitted.
  6. jerry

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    They are correcting a knee jerk reaction, if some folks want to call it a problem, that's fine.
  7. If you drop it and it shoots you in the knee I would call that a problem and I would feel like a jerk if I didnt get it fixed first.