Ruger Super Blackhawk:

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by hooker, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. Have had 3. Got one now. Will remain with me until I go on that last journey. .44 Mag. I do love these guns. I'm right fond of anything Ruger. Never owned a bad gun made by that company.
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    How do you like this new forum addition?


  3. Good to go Jesse. I enjoy all of the forum, and like sharing stories and info with other folk that are on here. How about having a new one on long range target shooting. I would be interested in talking to the other fellows about that. It is something I think I might be getting into later on. I would like to hear advise from people that already do it. thanks again. hooker.
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    Check out The Rifle Rack in the foum above...

  5. I like the concept of this new one Jesse......yepper.

    I, too, love Ruger revovlers. But, the 44 mag Super Red Hawk I had was one mean mutha. When the arthritis got so bad in my hand and wrist I finally had to let it go since it hurt so to shoot it.

    Now I just plink with my older Single Six .22/.22 mag and enjoy it greatly.

    And, it seems to shoot better since Ruger fixed a safety issue with it. Don't know why but it does and I'm not even sure what they did to it since it was so long ago.

    I bought my wife a shorter barrelled version of the newer Single Six that shoots equally as well. I mean, they're not match quality by any means but as good as any mass production revolver.

    I'd like to see Ruger come out with a short cartridge version of a .223 revolver.
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    Hello guys,
    If any of you are thinking of making that Ruger "unique unto you", you might try what I did. I sent a 7 1/2-inch barrel, .45 cal., Vaquero to Don Williams at ActionWorks. He cut the barrel to 4-inches, installed a Bisley hammer, slicked up the action, beveled the cylinder (like the .45 Colt Blackpowder cylinders), and a few other little goodies, and did a high gloss "royal blue" on all parts but the frame (making the hammer and trigger straw-colored) and it is GREAT......... my favorite revolver
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    I to have a Super Blackhawk. I changed the grips to Hogue rubber w/finger groves, and now love to shoot it. The stock grips were to small/short to allow me to control the pistol. Great addition to my gun safe!
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    This is one of those "wish I still had it" situations. I let it go during a time of chronic monetary shortage combined with temporary insanity. At least I kept the custom over-sized grips, just in case . . .

  9. Jeff, If you think that's unique, you should have seen the one I just delivered. Guy e-mails me and wants to know if I can cut the barrel on his Super Redhawk, 454 Casull, even with the frame shroud. I tell him no, but I can cut it 1" forward of the shroud, and remark that that's a hell of a belly gun:eek: He says he carries it as a backup to his 460 Weatherby. So, the barrel was cut and crowned to the quoted 1" forward, which made it about a 3.6 inch barrel, and I mounted an Ashley Big Dot on a ramp on the now very short barrel. Looked really strange - he said it looked kinda' neat:confused: Says he gets lots of looks at the range and it's fairly accurate out 15 yards, which is all he's tried so far.