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I like the concept of this new one Jesse......yepper.

I, too, love Ruger revovlers. But, the 44 mag Super Red Hawk I had was one mean mutha. When the arthritis got so bad in my hand and wrist I finally had to let it go since it hurt so to shoot it.

Now I just plink with my older Single Six .22/.22 mag and enjoy it greatly.

And, it seems to shoot better since Ruger fixed a safety issue with it. Don't know why but it does and I'm not even sure what they did to it since it was so long ago.

I bought my wife a shorter barrelled version of the newer Single Six that shoots equally as well. I mean, they're not match quality by any means but as good as any mass production revolver.

I'd like to see Ruger come out with a short cartridge version of a .223 revolver.
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