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Jeff, If you think that's unique, you should have seen the one I just delivered. Guy e-mails me and wants to know if I can cut the barrel on his Super Redhawk, 454 Casull, even with the frame shroud. I tell him no, but I can cut it 1" forward of the shroud, and remark that that's a hell of a belly gun:eek: He says he carries it as a backup to his 460 Weatherby. So, the barrel was cut and crowned to the quoted 1" forward, which made it about a 3.6 inch barrel, and I mounted an Ashley Big Dot on a ramp on the now very short barrel. Looked really strange - he said it looked kinda' neat:confused: Says he gets lots of looks at the range and it's fairly accurate out 15 yards, which is all he's tried so far.
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