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Ruger Super Blackhawk:

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by hooker, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. Need some good loads for plinking, self defense. Got .44 Mag cases, want to load down to .44 Special. Any ideas on powder, bullet type, and weight? Want some loads that give good results with the least amount of expence.
  2. mec

    mec Guest

    I use 5.5 Bullseye with a number of cast bullets ranging from 205 grains to 250. the readily available round nose cowboy bullets work well as do a variety of semi-wadcutters. the load does mid 800 fps range from the 7.5 Super. Recoil is extremely light.

    I settled on this load because it was the lightest I could find that would hit point of aim with the sight bottomed out. (Hits lower with the 205 grains I've used.

    Some people object to using bullseye in a large capacity case and go to something like 6.5-7 Unique. This seems to have come from concerns about high order detonation with light loads- Hercules Powder company pretty well debunked this concern - to my satisfaction anyway.

    I get some leading with the round nose bullets but none with the quality hard cast from Dry Creek Bullet Works.
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  3. Piedra

    Piedra G&G Newbie

    Hooker try 4.7 grains of Titegroup and any decent 240gr. bullet. Titegroup is'nt real sensitive to alot of open space in a case. You could also use .44 special in your .44 mag. :D