Rugers new .17 magnum rifles

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BigJake, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. BigJake

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    Bolt action and rotary mag with 9rounds. detatchable. (leaves possibility for an upcoming auto? how nasty would that be?

    lever action and I dont know much about this one. Has anyone shot this rifle. if it is tube fed naturally, then isn,t it dangerous to have a pointed bullet in a tube fed environment.?
    I hope not cause I love leveraction rimfires, huh heh har. :D
  2. Big Dog

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    The current .17HMR load would not lend itself to a tube fed rifle. But, if it becomes successful, I would expect to see other bullet types, like a round nose load that could be used. It would make a wicked small-varmint rifle as a Marlin 39 variant.

  3. Uncle Red

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    I wouldn't think that the recoil impulse would be sufficient to cause a discharge in a tubular mag even with a pointed bullet. I believe the whole point of developing this round was to improve on the .22 mag. If you're going to load the .17 with a LRN bullet then all you've done is reinvent the .22 mag, and not necessarily making it better. If Marlin could modify the 39 design to accommodate a .17 magazine, I'd be one of the first in line to buy one. -UR.
  4. hooker

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    Fellows If I ain't mistaken, the new .17 rimfire would pose no problems in a tubular magazine. The key word here is rimfire. It would not matter what the shape of the bullet is, because it would be resting on the center of the case head, not its rim. therefore they would be no danger of recoil induced detonation.
  5. ReRide

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    lever .17HMR???????????????

    i understand Henry is working on a .17 HMR in a lever gun.
    they are rather quite about the details
  6. ReRide

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    .17HMR conversions for 10/22 mag

    i was told someone is offering drop in .17 barrles for the 10/22 mag to convert them .
    then ya would have your .17 semi auto
  7. duck223

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    If you subscribe to the American Rifleman thru your N.R.A subscription,they had a real good article on it,I think it was Feb.
    A freind borrowed mine so I can't be sure.They compared the Ruger,rotary, to the Marlin,I'm not sure which model.The Marlin had better accuracy,but I think if Ruger comes out with it in the varmint barrel,that will change.It is a necked down 22.Mag.

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  8. Tim W

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    :) Green Mountain currently has a drop in 17HRM barrel for the 77/22 mag. Their barrels are known for excellent accuracy. I was ready to order one but they only come in .920 dia. bull profile. gettin too old to lug one of them around. If they start making a sporter profile, I'll get one for my fancy 77/22.
  9. Mark

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    Marlin vs Ruger

    duck 223,

    Regarding that American Rifleman article you mentioned, don't forget that both of the Marlins had aftermarket barrels on them. The Ruger had the factory barrel. An interesting side note, Marlin is using standard rifling in their barrels rather than their traditional micro-grooving.
    Now that that's been said, I also agree with you that the heavier barrel will likely be more accurate anyway. :nod:
    I'm saving my pennies waiting for Ruger to come out with a 77/17VBZ. Gotta love that target grey finish and laminate stock.