Rules For Terrorist Dateing

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    Rules For Terrorist Dateing

    - The perfect gentleman offers a spare clip of ammunition to the lady that is firing her gun in the air to celebrate mass-murder.

    - The person with the munitions-smuggling check from Arafat picks up the check for the meal.

    - When a prospective date's father is in Palestinian Authority detention, it is okay to call him on his cell phone, but do not interrupt his terror-attack planning sessions.

    - Allow your date to remove their own clothes - you'll have no idea if you're unhooking a bra clasp or triggering a detonator.

    - It's not easy to compete sexually with 72 virgins in Paradise, but you can show understanding and compassion.

    - Never call out another lover's name during sex or when under torture during interrogation by authorities

    - If you want to have a strong foundation for your relationiship, it's important that you don't move to fast. That's why you should never try to talk your girlfriend into a suicide bombing on the first date.

    - The dangers of dating more than one terrorist at once are many-fold. Pick two from a single operation, and they will learn of each other and jealousy will result. Pick two from different organizations, and there will be a gang war. Save that aggression for the Jews... be a one-terrorist girl!

    - Just because you're off at an Algerian training camp, it doesn't mean your relationship is on hold. Be faithful!

    - When you give out your telephone number, make sure you never use that cell phone for a remote detonator on a bomb you plan to plant. Premature detonation is a problem that affects many couples.
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    These are the best jokes I've heard in a long time.

    Dating an islamic woman definitely has a few risks.