Run Over

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    Run Over
    An English bank robber planned the perfect heist. Every detail was perfectly orchestrated; the ideal robbery time, the type of gun to use, a place to hide the loot, a getaway route and car, and even a reliable accomplice. After robbing the bank, the man left with the money in a bag over his left shoulder. As he approached the spot of the getaway car, his accomplice promptly ran him over.
  2. Funny

    Almost as funny as that one was the mowron in Milwaukee that robbed a gun store with a knife!!! He was promptly shot. The real corker is the Milwaukee Urinal, er I mean, Journal reported that the "Victim" was unable to be interviewed by police as he was unconcious. :eek: Typical liberal rubbish, the victim was the store owner the purpotrator, or alledged perp. is the guy with an extra hole or two!! :target:

  3. Last of the loser bad guys.

    What ever happened to the real bad guys who knew what they were doing. These 21 st. century punks are a bunch of losers. We need a smilie shooting a handgun sideways.:nod:
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