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Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Brother Bob, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Brother Bob

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    Rush left his podcast at the EIB network early. I’m listening to the Trump/ Limbaugh audio podcast from last week. I’m worried sick for Rush.
  2. neophyte

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    Brother Bob: Sir; it’s not looking good

    Rush Limbaugh is giving an update on his stage 4 case of lung cancer, saying that despite some success in treating the disease, recent scans showed the cancer has progressed. "It's not dramatic, but it is the wrong direction," Limbaugh told listeners to his conservative radio show.

    "Stage 4 is, as they say, terminal," Limbaugh said, providing the most specific details yet about his illness. He added that after first receiving the cancer diagnosis, "I never thought I would see October 1st. I never thought I would. When October 1st hit on the calendar this year, I reminded myself of that — of that thought."

    Limbaugh disclosed his cancer diagnosis in February. Since then, he says, he has undergone several treatment regimens, including two early approaches that failed. But a third strategy showed positive results – until a recent scan found the cancer had progressed, he said. His treatment plan has now been tweaked with new chemotherapy drugs to try to slow the disease, he added.

    The longtime broadcaster says he intends to keep putting on his show, despite fatigue and other effects of his cancer and treatment.
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  3. rando

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    Thanks Craig for the link. Its a shame that this man has been fighting cancer for awhile. Thing is listening to him like I do he never complains about it. He don't talk much about how he is feeling and so forth.
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  4. ChaZam

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    Yes sir, I believe Rush is seriously compromised. Prayers for sure...
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  5. TXplt

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    He's a good man. God will call him back when it's his time. God will call each of US back when it's our time. That doesn't mean the impact we left on folks and things will be gone.

    So I'd take the good points of what he's done and do what you can to use them and incorporate them into your lives. And perhaps spread that philosophy forward.

    Remember we're still the folks slugging it out down here. Loved ones get to move on and although I really miss them I'm happy for them. If ever given a chance, I'd never be so selfish as to want to try to bring them back, but I can carry forward what they've done for me.
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  6. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Been a Rushie since the late '80s.

    We must be prepared for the despicable display of tasteless, foul, and repulsive filth that will be uttered by the Leftists at his passing.
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  7. Bigfoot

    Bigfoot G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Afton NY
    Prayers he doesn't suffer too badly. Nobody should have to go out that way.
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  8. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    Yet, too many do.

    I have been a fan of Rush for decades.
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  9. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    Fan here also. I remember catching him, by accident, when he was on TV, guess it must have been 70s, or so. It was late night & I was usually in bed before he came on. What he said always made sense to me.

    Found him on AM radio when bill clinton was running for president his 1st term. On that broadcast, he said "The only difference between bill clinton & a bag of manure, was the bag." I programmed every button on my truck radio to the stations that carried him, based on the area I was working. Never listened to FM from then on!
  10. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    I've listened to him ever since he went national.
    We have one or two talk radio stations here that I can get.
    Easiest is KFAY 1030AM
    IMHO Rush single handedly saved many AM Radio stations from either going belly up or becoming the general swill of modern radio.
    That's in addition to what he's done to get our message across. And give individuals a platform to voice their opinions.
    What hits me about him battling lung cancer is it's the same thing that claimed my father's life. Oddly enough around the same time I had started to listen to Rush
    Prayers sent for him and his family.
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  11. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    "ditto-head" here too!:usa:
    Rush's cancer is bad news. he will be missed.:(
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  12. Jaison

    Jaison G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Agree with the sentiments.

    The guy single-handedly saved AM radio and was instrumental in developing real modern Conservatism vs NeoCon.
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  13. jwrauch

    jwrauch G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    We all need to intensify our prayers for him. I 've listened to him of and on since he went national. When he passes he will leave a serious void .
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  14. SUBMOA

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    One of our G&G members here posted on the brilliance of Donald Trump by presenting Rush Limbaugh with the Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union address, causing him to receive a couple of standing ovations and much applause by many people who despise him. Prayer sent for him.

    Rush earned the medal with the love for his country.
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  15. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    I hated to hear this news for Rush. He is extremely intelligent on all of his subject matter. I'm a fan as well. As already stated, there will be a huge void when is gone. As George Jones sang, "Who's gonna fill their shoes?" (insert his for their) There aren't that many that are capable of the task in my opinion.
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  16. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I'm a dittohead from sway back. :usa2:
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  17. Brother Bob

    Brother Bob G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    “Talent on loan from God” Rush is a deeply religious man, and I’m sure that he has found peace with God in his condition. You don’t replace Babe Ruth and you don’t replace Rush Limbaugh. :(
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