russian 30-06 from Midway USA

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by LOBO, Apr 23, 2002.

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    CMP says, "By the time we process your orderm, we'll have more." I wouldn't shoot steel-case ammo in a semiauto that I didn't know was designed for it, no matter how cheap.

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    How often does the journal come out? I check their website occasionally - which hasn't changed in about six months. If they'd put an old version on-line so people could see what they're getting, a lot more people would join. It didn't help that the last time I brought this up, two different people identified themselves as the Membership Chairman....
  4. Russian .30-06

    I've been told on good authority that this Russian ammo is too "hot" for semi-autos. Bolt action is OK.
  5. Isnt steel real bad for the chamber? I heard that after some time it wears the parts down so that you have to replace stuff more frequently.
  6. What about the lacquered finish. Will that foul the chamber?

    The CD is Joe Satriani's " the extremist". Definately not in your face. Check and see.
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    I tried some of the Russian ammo in 22 LR. It was awfully dirty. This was several years ago. Never again.
  8. I use the 9mm and .223 without any problem -- but wouldn't use the .30-06 on my M1.
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    I have no problem feeding my young 9s and .223s 'junk food' but when it comes to my M1 and M1A they only get gourmet. To me it isn't worth the risk, besides, they deserve 'good food'. Good Shooting! Eric