Russian Nagant Revolver???

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by trailblazer, Sep 10, 2010.

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    What do you want to know? It's a seven shot revolver that shoots a 7.62 NAgant round (About like a .32) The ammo is kind of expensive. Feels almost like shooting a .22 in recoil as the gun weighs a bit more than a .22, and absorbs more of the recoil. It's a double action with about a 20 pound pull. You can cock it for single action which about halves the pull. You can buy a conversion cylinder that will let you fire .32 ACP ammo out of it.

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    My Friend has one that I have shot. I did not like it much but then again I do not like and revolvers. It felt clunky in my hands and the grip was to small to hold comfortably in my hands. Still that is a great price for a little piece of history.

  4. Seems not too long ago you could get those for 79 dollars.I think loading and reloading those is a slow process. Not a good self defense gun, but a great collectors item.
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    AIM is selling them right now for $94.95 A nice little piece of history for not to much cash.

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    Crap too tempting to purchase.
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    Tell me about it! I have shot one and did not like the pistol at all and I am still thinking of buying one for that price? Oh I'm so confused!

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    I like revolvers, and I like the way my Nagant feels in my hand. It's just that it shoots such a small round, and the horrible trigger pull.

    And I think I bought mine for $69.95, but once again, that was before you know who got elected.
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    and I reload 32-20 brass to use in mine and its fun. Lee makes special dies for 32-20 brass for these.
  10. Isnt the reason the trigger pull is so heavy is because the cylinder moves forward when fired to seal in gas?
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    Pretty good summary can be found here. I bought one from J&G, just before AIM advertised them for a bit less. It's a nice piece of history, and it's a whole lot of fun to shoot. It takes a while to load and unload it since the barrel does not swing out, but in all I'm glad I bought it.
    Here's a very basic link. You can get more really good info if you google Nagant Revolver. Dossier Nagant Revolver
    By the way, I can't find a pronunciation for Nagant. Is it Nah'gant, or is it Nahgant with equal stress on the two syllables? the ah meaning at as in hat.
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    I too bought one from J&G when the prices were lower.I went with the hand picked and got one that is in mint condition.It is a Tula,made in 1940.
    They are great little guns and for the price,you can't go wrong.
    The only thing that I don't like is the importers mark on it.I think Rguns is the only one that is importing them.

    If you have the extra cash,get one.I don't think that they will be around again.
    Gandog pretty much summed up the description and operation of it pretty well.
    The only thing that I would add is that you might want to put a small dot of white paint on the front site blade,makes it a lot easier to see.
    Jason M
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    I'm a thinking you must mean the cylinder doesn't swing out.;)
  14. All I know is that I'm broke when more of them finally got imported and don't have to give someone on GB $180 for one without any accessories. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to pay way too much for one when I have the money because I'm sure the surplus will dry up by then.
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    Got mine from J&G about a year ago. Shot it a couple times. It's quite accurate, but as mentioned before the ammo is a bit pricey. You could reload or shoot other ammo, but it's not something for me that is a daily shooter. More of a collector piece, but it's still fun.

    As for the 91/30s, great price. Maybe one of the only distributors that didn't jack prices. If you don't have either one yet, I'd definitely pull the trigger on both if you can swing it.
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    New York
    I bought one with all the trimmings from a member of my gun club who was thinning his collection out. Unlike the ones I've handled in the gun shops, this one (a 1934 interwar production piece) fits my hand pretty well and doesn't have too heavy a trigger, though it's not in it with my S&W Model 10 or Model 25. From what I can tell, it hasn't been fired since it was rearsenaled, and I'm keeping it that way.

    If you want to shoot it with something other than 7.62 Nagant, which is not easily come by and costs nearly 50 cents a round when you can find it, and you don't want to take a chance shooting .32 S&W out of it, there is an alternative. Century International Arms offers a .32 ACP cylinder that replaces the issue 7.62 Nagant cylinder. It's Item No. OT500, and costs $54.87. It means you'll need to do a tad more cleaning after each range session because the .32 ACP round does not seal the chamber the way the 7.62 Nagant round does, but in my opinion it's safer to replace the cylinder (which isn't hard to do) than loading a cartridge the pistol isn't chambered for into the issue cylinder.

    Or, to put the cost in perspective, for the price of about 120 rounds of 7.62 Nagant ammo, you can have a cylinder that will shoot less expensive, more readily obtained .32 ACP ammo. From my point of view, that's a good investment.
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    You got it, gandog. I meant cylinder, especially since it would be pretty odd for a barrel to swing out! LOL.
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    Yeah, you made Grok think, that made Grok's head hurt! :smashfreakB:
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    C&R license is about ready to be faxed in!!!!
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    To who? For what?

    A Nagant? (Notice, I do meant pistol here!)