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    I seem to have problems with rusting. the first issue was on my remington 1187 shotgun where the action was rusting. i had no pitting but it had a noticeable orange tinge that was taken care of with steel wool and re-oiling. i got a mosin nagant a few weeks ago and now im experiencing similar issues. the bolt handle and outer parts seem to be rusting fairly badly even after i clean and oil them.

    I use Rem-oil and usually after wiping the surface down i spray the area with the rem oil and then rub it with my hand to cover the entire surface. im not sure if the oils on my hands are messing it up or what. ive tried using an old shirt/shop rag to wipe the oil around but it seems like it soaks it up and takes the oil off.

    what am i doing wrong or how can i stop the reoccurring rust.
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    Others will have different options but for my money!

    [ame=] LPS LABS 00316 LPS #3 RUST INHIBITOR HEAVY DUTY 11OZ: Health & Personal Care[/ame]


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    I really like the Barricade Wipes made by Birchwood Casey. The are available at most of the usual places such as Cabela's, Midway USA, etc. It is also availabe as a liquid or an aerosol, but the wipes are so handy.
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    clean your guns with hoppes. let them dry. apply the rem oil with a clean dry towel. i would imagin that the oil from your hands is the culprit. however, the more humidity your weapons are subjected to, the more often you are going to have to clean and oil them. the best thing you could do is put them in a room that has a dehumidifier running in it. its what i do and it works like a charm.
  5. I second the humidity thing. I have a safe without a dehumidifier and I pull my guns out once every 2 months or more and check to make sure they aren't "rusting."
  6. Kroil

    Go to the Kroil website.

    They have products that will dissolve rust away plus they have products that will protect any metal for extended periods of time.

    Best wishes.
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    Surgical gloves are a big help.You just buy a box of them and any guest (and yourself must wear them to handle a gun.I have seen rust develope from handling reloading dies. ,,,sam.
  8. Wear do you keep your guns and is your home on a slab or blocks ? If on block's it's possible vapor might be causeing the problem.

    Stop useing the rem-oil and spray your gun's down with Breakfree with CLP that should stop the rusting. You can buy a can at Wal Marts Sporting goods dept.

    Best of Luck ...A.H
  9. BreakFree CLP is really good for taking off rust and keeping it off. I like it a lot more than Rem Oil.
  10. minnesotagunner

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    im going to pick up some break free clp. ive heard good things before. ive had this rem oil for probably a little less than a year so the stuff lasts a long time.

    you guys are certainly right on the humidity thing lately its been crazy hot and humid around here.

    i was looking at a cheap, 100$ safe to keep my guns in as right now i dont have any specific place to keep them. i dont like how flimsy the safe is and i know for sure its not air tight so i wouldnt be able to get a dehumidifier for it.
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    Gun socks with silicone in them I use them in my safe.
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    ive actually made my own gun socks that work great. what do you mean "filled with silicone"?
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    I think he means Like a silicone gun rag but a gunsock made outta the same material that would be my best guess. I keep my guns in those soft gun cases cause the have a similiar kind of material inlay and it keeps the air out for the most part. They seem to work real well here in seattle, Granted the weather is not nearly as extreme as in Minesota but lately its been kinda humid.
  14. minnesotagunner

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    i have two of the soft cases , ive got one out but ill have to search for the other.
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    Don't know what kind of "soft case you fellas mean but the average zipup soft case is the quickest way to get "perminant"rust damage I know of.I have seen guns kept in a trunk of a car enclosed in a soft case for as little as 3 to 5 days and when removed,the receiver was actually pitted.The reason for this is you are handling the firearm and acids (whatever) on your hands are left on the metal.And then you place the firearm in a softy case with no air circulation and the moisture can "NOT" evaporate so it really goes to work big time oxidizing the metal.If you are wise,you will only leave a firearm in a soft case long enough to transport it from points A to B and remove it immediately upon arrival.This includes rugs for handguns.Having oil in the soft case/rug will only make it worse as it makes it impossible for the moisture "IN" the metal to evaporate.I warn you,no, "BEG" you not to leave a firearm in a soft case for an extended period of time.It should be placed under the "cruelty to firearms act". Guns have rights too!!! ,,,sam.
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    If you have a safe, put a dehumidifier in it. Some friends and I have a Goldenrod in mine and there is never a problem with rust. There's never been a problem with safes in the unheated/not cooled garages, basements, or living quarters.
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    Ditch the soft cases unless it is the silicone cases as discriped, found in any gun section at walmart of outdoor store.

    Second, I might even go one step further with Breakfree and get the collectors formula. it is a Protectant that is heavier than the CLP and is ment for firearms storage. One note about it however, I would clean the Protectant off with hopes before shooting and lubricate it with clp before shooting particularly in cold weather since the thicker oil might slow down or jam the action.
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    Man,if they work,go for them and get rid of those rust creators that I hate so much.I use them,the rust creators but only for short hauls and get the gun out as soon as possible. ,,,sam.
  19. Silicone gun socks work great. I get em at sportsmans guide for 3 or 4 bucks.

    Also CLP all the way for me baaaabeeee.