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I purchased this pistol last year and have put about 400 rounds through it. I've used commercial and lead cast reloads without any misfeed. The short grip takes a little getting use to, I have long fingers and the first couple of times out with this gun was a bit tough. I finally figured out a comfortable two hand position that now works for me.

Shooting wise, the gun is pretty accurate at about 12 yards, I was able to keep a nice 1-2 inch group on the target consistently. The double action first shot wasn't as good because of the hard trigger pull. The recoil was manageable due to the all steel construction. The trigger pull on my gun is a bit stiff and gritty, but with use and polishing in the right places, the trigger will hopefully get better. As for the design, the short grip with the no snag hammer and decocking safety makes it an ideal carry gun. The gun can hold 8 rounds, 7 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. Over all, this is a nice gun for the money. If you are recoil sensitive, there's a 9mm version call the P9RZ. For a review check out :

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