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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lefty o, Mar 17, 2002.

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    hope you dont mind but ive got lots of questions about working on the hi power. is there a way to shorten the reset on the trigger. do you think installing c&s's sear lever is worth it? now the big question, is ther a way to add a comp to the hi power, other than the longer ported barrels- ive considered magnaporting but that would be my last choice? your probably going to get sick of me asking questions, but any help you give will be greatly appreciated! thanks
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    Lefty, Yes, there are a couple of ways to shorten the reconnect on the HP, either by adding an overtravel screw to the frame, which will shorten your travel, and hence your reconnect, or by starting out with the trigger farther back by adding a set screw to the back of the trigger so the trigger won't come too far forward, - or, by adding material to the sear lever in the slide which brings it closer to the trigger lever initially. As far as the C&S lever, I used one once, and found it didn't make much difference in the pull weight, and I really don't like adding a second hole through the slide to accomodate it. As for comps, though I've never done one on a HP, it could be done similar to the 1911, with the exception of having to be able to remove the comp to get the barrel out. since the HP barrel comes out the bottom, and it would be really hard to get the comp through that little hole in the front of the slide. :D Hope this helps,