S&W 39-2 replacing firing pin

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    Hi there,

    can any one tell me if the firing pin in a 39-2 breaks easily?

    I'd also like to know how to replace the firing pin. I already know how to open the gun.

    Please help!
  2. The below is for informational purposes only. I do not recommend that you do this yourself if you do not know how to do it already. You can loose parts and the firing pin can pop out into your face or eye if not careful. I doubt that an armorer would charge too much for a 15 minute job.

    Buy the AGI course on the S&W autoloaders Watch it several times.

    I've only seen 1 break and that was on a gen-3 6906. My department carried the mod 669 for abt 5 years putting approx 4k rnds through each pistol without any problems. Other dept.s had problems with the firing pin spring that we didn't. As
    armorer I had the ability to keep my own PM plan on the pistols and changed that spring, the drawbar spring, recoil spring and three other springs every 5k rnds I carried my 59-2 and fired at least 2500 rnds per year through it, it was also my competition (PPC) gun for 8 or nine years, my revolvers were a 6" 686 that I tricked out as an unlimited gun and a round butt 4" 686 CS-1 as a duty class gun.

    To remove the firing pin is fairly straight forward. MAKE SURE THE GUN IS UNLOADED
    1. loose the beer make sure you're sober.
    2. Field strip the pistol.
    3. If you haven't stripped the slide of the recoil spring guide and spring with the barrel
    4. If you have an ambidextros safety, remove the right hand lever, use blue locktite to replace it. if you use red you may have to heat it to remove it again.
    5. with the muzzel end of the slide down, cup the slide in both hands with your thumbs on either side of the safety. move the safety 1/2 way down ur up depending on its position
    6. Now for the hard part. use a small punch to depress the firing pin, while pushing the safety out. you may have to rotate the safety slightly ( yeah - you need a third hand just not the wife. Be careful there's a Jesus spring and pin .... I mean there is a safety detent and spring, usually in the slide, but may be in the safety. and they are itty-bitty parts. As memory serves I used a follower made from a short piece of 1/2 in. copper pipe 3-4 in long. PVC would work too as long as it's OD is slightly smaller than the safety. The follower will capture the detent and prevent the inevitable JESUS when you lose it. As the safety comes out remove the punch remove the firing pin and spring. I work over a towel and work blind with a rag over the slide, just in case the parts are in the safety itself or the firing pin pops out. Remember the position of the safety lever when you removed it so you push it back in in the same position.
    7. reverse the above.

    reassemble the pistol, MAKE SURE IT IS UNLOADED, cock the pistol. Holding the pistol with both thumbs on either side of the safety lever, rotate the lever slowly CCW or down until the hammer drops. pull the hammer to the rear the safety should drop to the safe position, if not pack up the pistol and take it to a qualified armorer. you may have done something wrong or your pistol is in need of serious work on the sear release lever

    good luck