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    Trying to buy S&W Model 581, not familiar with this Model, is in very good shape, does need cleaning. 357 mag with 4" Barrel SS. What should I offer him, he wants $400 think that I can get him to $350, is it worth it?
  2. I don't know what used ones go for. Is $350 worth it to you? If so, and he takes $350, I suppose it's worth it then.
    You could check a few of the online auction sites and see if any have sold, for how much, or if any are for sale, what they're asking for them?

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    29th edition Bluebook of gun values:100%-$600.,95%-$450.,90%-$375.,80%-$300.,70%-$$250..Add 20% for nickle.It doesnt mention stainless.Last MSR was $325.Mfg 1980-88. sam.
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    The guy said stainless, but I believe it's nickel.

    After reading further, found that the 581 is made of Carbon Steel and the 681 an L Frame also is SS. There was a recall on all of the L Frame S&W guns and S&W would fix @ no charge, nothing dangerous, unless you tried to fire it and it would not shoot. How can tell if it has been fixed?
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  5. The model number gives it a way. 581 is nickel, all s&w that are stainless start with a 6. Like the comparable model would be 686.
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    581 is carbon steel. Can be blue or nickel.