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    This summer, I was planning on making a purchase of an M4 type rifle. I have been looking at them for awhile, mostly looking at Stag, DPMS, and Bushmaster.

    Then I came across the S&W M&P-15. I recently bought an M&P pistol, and thought this would make a nice match. S&W offers a lifetime warranty, but their rifle seems a bit expensive.

    Has anyone else here shot the M&P-15, and would they recommend it?

    Does anyone want to sell me on another brand? I'm open for suggestions, and would like good quality at lowest possible cost.

    Thanks guys :D
  2. Good M4/AR style rifle, and I think S&W makes great firearms,and I would own one if given to me, but, I can't see paying, and wouldn't pay the price for one of them. Especially when there are just as good if not better out ones out there.

    I mean if money isn't an issue, look into the Sig 556. Gas piston operated rather than just gas operated.

    It's totally up to you though. But I'd look/keep looking at what you have already and again, if you don't have a problem paying the money they're asking and getting for the M&P15 or M&P15T, look into or just get the Sig 556. About the same amount of money for a Sig 556 as the M&P, but with the Sig, again, you get gas piston, or AK reliability. I wish I'd of had the cash for one. I went with a Stag lefty. Still not here yet though. ARRRRRRRRRRRRR. lol

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    Good luck, lots to choose from. lol Stag made it a little easier for me offering a "true" lefty version. Since no others had a "true" lefty, it was an easy decision. Good luck Bravo.
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  3. Bravo

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    Let me be clear, Money is an issue :D I just thought the S&W was a good compromise.

    I can get the S&W M&P-15 for $830. It has no sights, so I would have to figure a bit more to add the carry handle and front sight.

    I can get a Doublestar DS-4 for $739, with both sights included. I have never heard of the brand though.

    Is Doublestar a reputable brand?
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    Yes. You also may look at Del-Ton. Building an AR using a kit is a very good way to go, can save you some money.
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    Thanks! I definitely will look at Del-Ton...I already have a bit, and their prices are really low. I might come back and ask for advice on exactly what parts I need to buy in making a kit.

    I enjoy putting things together, and I think a kit might be the way to go.
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    S&W makes a great gun. I haven't personally shot them, but I've heard great things. The ones I've handled seemed very well put together and had an excellent finish. They aren't exactly cheap, though.

    In my opinion, I think you can build one for less money, but be careful what parts you get. From the parts that I know who the manufacturer is that S&W uses, they use nice stuff.

    Del-ton has some really good deals, but some of their stuff is geared more towards entry level builds. Depending on what you're wanting this for, that may be perfect, but keep it in mind
  7. My bad Bravo, I took for granted since you were considering S&W, you had some funds to spend. Building your own is a way to go, I looked into it and not having the tools needed, which isn't a lot, but would have added to the cost for the first one anyhow. Then I had to factor in I had no experience building one.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, buying or building.
  8. Paper

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    Anyone can build one.. Even an idiot like myself (as I did today).

    The only thing I didn't have was the stock spanner, but I used a brass drift punch and a light hammer tapping.:09:

    Believe it or not, pretty much any info you might need for the assembly is available on YouTube..:bigeyes: I found an instruction video from Tapco for my retractable stock there, as well as complete instructions for field stripping..

    The info is there in video form, and it's actually pretty easy in the first place.:)
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    Well if you factor in the cool Troy rail and their front and rear sights you get a lot of AR for the price from S&W. Also the lifetime warrenty.:)
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    lifetime warranty say''s all! mostly all ar's are same principal component's

  11. Bravo

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    Yeah, I'm still leaning toward the S&W. The Lifetime warranty nearly sells me.

    That, and the fact that I can't carry two M&P's at once :D
  12. 830 is a good price. I haven't shot one, but they look great and reviews are all positive.
  13. Paper

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    I thought most of them had lifetime warrantys?? I know my CMMG upper and lower came with one.
  14. The M&P was featured on "Guns and Ammo TV" and got a favorable review. Then again, that segment was probably paid for by S&W. Dick Metcalfe seemed to like it, either way.
  15. riverider

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    S&W Paid me nothing.

    Well S&W did not pay me for anything and I paid for my own S&W AR. And I say it's a real quality great shooting AR.:burnout:
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    The S&W has a 1:9 twist............I'd rather have a 1:7 twist. Think of what bullet you'll be using.

    1:14...........<55 gr.

    1:12...........35-60 gr.

    1:9.............45-75 gr. (maybe 77 gr.)

    1:8/1:7.......45-80+ gr.

    Of course, individual rifles vary.


    COLT is what I think of when I hear: Single Action Army, M1911, M1911A1, or M16...........need I say more? Then, not to mention that even an older COLT will have a "better resale" value than some "other name." Least that is what happened during the first Clinton Reign of Terror. YMWV.

    Aloha, Mark
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    my buddy owns a gun store.I had him gtet me a mp15 for a raffle. his cost was 809.00. there is a 100 rebate going on. actually it think its over now. but my cost was 709.00. not bad. and it appears to be just as nice as bush master,etc.all ur doing is paying for the name colt:burnout:
  18. jerry

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    I like the flat top and gas block on the smith, and the warranty. I think it's worth the 100-150 more compared to some of the others.
  19. Hey guy...Looks like a great rifle and it looks like you are ready for whatever.