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Sometime in 1977-78, I was in Wash D.C. in the reserves at the time. Two of us were police officers and while there for training a few weeks took the opportunity to go ride with the metro D.C Police. At the time they were averaging something like one felony call per hour. Back home we might get one per day, maybe only one a week. SO, we wanted to see what it was like in the big city.

Pretty funny. The felonies were muggings and robberies not like some armed domestic back home, but still those guys were busy. Not many bad guys there had guns, back home everybody did, so it was interesting.

But the local P.D. guys were fascinated with our duty guns. They carried very old SW model 10s. They did not carry hollow points (dum dums), and they only carried like 18 rounds. They did not have shotguns or long guns in the patrol car, instead, they had a riot baton, 2 inch thick 38 inches long. And a radio, that was their combat load, LOL. They did not even use speed loaders, just rounds in belt loops.

So, what is it like to shoot a "Magnum" they would ask. I do not recall any of them having ever fired a 357. And the hollow points were a big deal to them. They were fascinated. Probably from the Dirty Harry movie--1971.

Today (since 1989) the DC Police carry Glocks, 19 and 17s with the EMD unit carrying Sigs, all in 9mm, last I heard.
I worked there from 70-73. all we were allowed to carry for issue ammo was 158 gr. round nose lead. We were subject to disciplinary action if we got caught with anything else and that included in any off duty weapon we chose to carry. Hopefully they didn't still have the swivel holsters when you were riding with them. The swivel had a
tendency to break often. sucked to go on a call and find out your duty weapon and holster were still in the car. We did carry blackjacks back then and the original Mace which didn't work well.
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