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I am a big fan of the S & W Model 547 9mm revolver. S&W made 10,270 model 547s from 1980-1985; 6486 round with butt (and 3" barrel), and 3784 with a square butt and 4" barrel.

I recently purchased a pinned barrel 4" 547 and really like it. Supposedly, Smith & Wesson stopped production of these as the demand wasn't enough, but that was in 1985 when all the "wonder-nines" ruled the 9mm market. I think they would find a renewed interest if they brought it back. I'd like to hear from all 547 owners (and others), with pics, pros & cons and a vote for bringing it back or letting it rest in peace.

So that those that are not familiar with the 547 understand, it was not a half or full moon clip design, but loaded and extracted like rimmed cartridges with a special design on the extractor and frame, so moon clip haters can rest easy. HKS made plenty of speed loaders too, so it's best of both worlds.

I personally like 9mm as ballistically I think it's a great bridge between .38 Spl and .357 magnum and like it's versatility. I think it would be as good a wheelgun cartridge as an auto. No big deal if you don't agree, everyone has their favorite caliber and style of handgun. I have a SIG P228 that I will never sell, but I'll never sell my 547 either!

Let the posting begin!


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