S&W trigger job for Mod 36 and 686..HELP..!

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    I have a original S&W Model 36 and a 686 as well. I want to do trigger jobs on both since they drastically affect my accuracy when usding them in double action mode.

    The factory trigger pull is very high and I want to it to the pull of say a 1911 which I am used to.

    Any suggestions on what or how many pound pull is best and what would be the name of a good revolver smith to do it?



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    I was lucky enough to have had a 686 that someone else had already had a trigger job done to it, made a big difference. I sold that gun and its one of those wish I had it back deals.

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    There used to be a place called "300 Gunsmith Service". I believe it was in Colorado somewhere, maybe Denver. The guy that started the business was a retired armorer from the NYPD. He had 23 years experience and did my dad's gun personally. My dad was an ex cop and hand delivered the gun to him. I believe his name was Ed Sadowsky. Might have been Fred. It is the best action job I have ever experienced. The gun is a S&W model 66.

    The guys that worked for him did my model 29 and my friends Redhawk. Both have excellent trigger pulls. Try and look them up. They were the best I know of.