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SA Garand

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Was at my local today and I spied a Springfield M1, serial 3,4xx,xxx. There was no cartuche on the stock but there certainly was lots of cosmoline. I would hazard a guess that it has been through an overhaul at least once. Any thoughts on year of manufacture and value???
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Dec 1944 thru Jan 1945 Just about everyone has been thru a overhaul or in battle they were cleaned in mass pots and put back together. Parts were always mixed up but there is always a slight chance of a nice original or one that almost every part is still intact. Most have been put back together. Cosomoline is added to these rifles at any point and is most probably just a heavy weight grease on it. What was the asking price? Rick B
Yes I would run and not look back. Check the bore condiditonand the muzzle by setting a military round in the muzzle. you should be able to see more than 1/16th of a inch of the brass to be happy. I have not yet seen a good muzzle guage so the bullet test is still one of the best things going. ALways use the same bullet as some may have a smaller tolerance. Let us know what you do. Rick B
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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