Sad Day In Alaska

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  1. I see this guy in Palmer all the time holding this sign, he is always a nice guy from what I have seen never rude or impolite.....then I saw this this morning. Its sad when You cant even hold a sign like this at a public place without getting tackled by Security.

    [ame=]YouTube - LaRouche supporter assaulted by Alaska State Fair Security[/ame]

    I believe this guy is also a Disabled Vet.
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  2. Wild West

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    The police state of america.

  3. This video makes me sick. The guys Court date is today at 1:00pm, If I didnt have the kids today ( wife works and I have no one to watch them) I would go in for support for the guy.
  4. Wild West

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    Let us know what they charged him with and how it turned out. Thanks for the post
  5. White Rook

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    Obama's Brown shirts?
  6. MosinMan

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    Don't worry people. Before too long people will start wisening up and take action when they see crap like this, and I don't mean action by taking a video on their cell phone.
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    The only thing you could do is go over and stand by him and say you are just standing there and you support free speech. Then if they lay a hand on you you can sue them and if enough would do this it would slow down this high handed thug treatment.
  8. IF I was actually there I would have called the palmer PD and reported an Assualt. But I wasnt.The guy wasnt trying to sell any thing so he doesnt need a both all he was doing was walking around carrying a sign. I guarantee that if he was carrying a pro obama sign he wouldnt not have had any problums, sadly.
  9. danf6975

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    unfortunately he aggravated the situation instead of de escalating it so he was in the wrong and he insulted the security officer. at that point he became a problem.
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    Isn't La Rouche dead?
  11. What a crime.

    They should have just let him walk about with his sign. Eventually, he would have quietly gone home.
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    From what I saw he was expressing his first amed. right .
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    Insulted a rent-a-cop??????//

    So what !!!!!!!!!!
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    First and foremost I don't agree with his tactics. But if Fred Phelps has a constitutionally protected right to carry signs, burn flags and scream insults at a serviceman's funeral how is this man's rights any less protected? news

    The rentacop with the book bag would have had some issues if he had tried the strong arm stuff with me.
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  15. waterdog

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    Sorry no excuse people get insulted everyday, a dirty look, the finger while driving ,a co-worker ,a telephone call from a salesperson, simple fact is it happens from what I saw he did nothing wrong but state his view where were you when that sign said bush?
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    This is just shameful...
  17. danf6975

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    who paid for the state fair? was it government funded and endorsed ? if so why was private contract security there? that will determine weather he was allowed to demonstrate
  18. Sad in many ways. First and most importantly, his free speech and right to peaceful assembly were infringed upon.

    It's sad also in that many seemed to think, or felt it was all a joke. Posing for pictures with the guy and or his sign and joking or goofing around. It's what I feel anyhow.

    Please be sure and update us on this matter.
  19. danf6975

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    this may not be the case. it depends on weather this was a public or private venue. if this was in fact a private venue and security asked him to leave then he has no right of free speech as security is empowered by the person running the private venue.

    Now . IF it was a public venue ( it said state fair so its hard to say for certain ) then his rights where infringed upon.
  20. Windwalker

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    Seems to me that he was just exercising his rights. He wasn't trying to incite violence or illegal acts from the crowd. He was expressing his opinion that Obama should be impeached, which a great many of us would agree with. The problem began when Security tried to make him move on. Hope he sues the snot out of all involved, including whomever hired the Security. As the sign said, Impeach Obama Now.