Sad day....Teen Suicide

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    Went back to work today on light duty status pending tomorows apointment. Went to get breakfast with my Sgt and ended up dispatched to a local Middle School for a teen female with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

    Yep, she ended her young life Norinco 9mm, FMJ ammo, left temple to right, thru and thru wound. Unfortunately she did it in front of several other students. Horrible!

    I observed that the mag must have released upon firing because the mag was about two inches out of the seated position, the slide returned fully into battery, and the hammer was in the back position. However, upon securing the weapon, we found that it failed to chamber another round. All I can figure is that the mag popped loose or was not seated properly in the first place. Also found blood and other "matter" in the barrel and mag well.

    I've seen suicides and homicides on numerous occasions. You tend to distance yourself from them as a result. However, that is somebodies little girl, and she will not be home for dinner tonight.

    As you can see, the way I chose to distance myself from it this time was to study the rusted out pistol, and put my energy into that instead of sitting there looking at the little girl on the ground........

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    Sorry you had too see that 1*...its days like that, that build up through the years and give cops nightmares and hardens their hearts. Don't let it get you down bro. The anti's are gonna be howling again. :(

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    Roger that Joe! We all know that that (as the mdeia would call it) junk gun killed her.
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    well sorry as one needs to witness that...

    But I never can follow how someone feels that its their only way out of something.

    I shall keep you and the girls family in my thoughts.
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    i guess you can never get used to it, my prayers are with you and the girls family.
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    I wonder, how bad do thigs have to get before you walk into a crowd of kids and smoke check yourself? I can't rationalize it.....
  7. Terrible terrible terrible. Kids can be so cruel to each other. She tried to make a statement but, I bet the other kids now think, What an idiot !
    Feel sorrow for the girls family, she had her whole future ahead of her.
    Silver linning: one dead not two or more.
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    Oneastrix: I'm like you in that I can't understand how a person can get so desperate that killing himself is the only way out.

    About 30 years ago I had the unfortunate responsibility of cleaning up after two different suicides by guns. Those situations are still vivid in my mind.

    Sorry that you had to be involved in this case. I don't think it's totally possible to distance yourself but you've got to make the attempt or else you get so emotionally involved that it affects you too much on the job.
  9. I've been witness to many suicides in my 28 year career.

    Although we tend to not understand why anyone would take their own life we fail to realize that a person who has committed suicide gotten to the point of having justified to themselves life is not worth living and death would be a better alternative.

    Most of the time they give out hints, either directly or indirectly, what their intentions are and most will ignore it or don't see them.

    I know justifying taking one's own life is a foreign concept to most and I still don't understand all of the psychique behind it myself. I just know when those who committ suicide force others to be a part of the act the others are traumatized for life.

    I distinctly remember, to this day, the details of two of the most gruesome suicides I was involved in.

    The first involved a company calling us saying one of their employees had not reported for work for three days and no one had heard from him which was totally out of character for him to miss work without calling in. The company also reported that some of the employees mentioned he had been depressed over a very recent split up with his wife who took their children back to Idaho somewhere.

    The company gave us his address to follow up on (at the same time we checked and saw that four days prior to this call a dispatch was sent to a civil disturbance at his residence) but no arrest had been made.

    We noticed his truck was in the car port (just as the company rep had mentioned) and the house doors were locked. While we awaited supervisory approval to force entry into the house we spoke with some neighbors who said they saw his wife packing the kids up, leaving him standing in the driveway and he went back inside. Nothing else.

    We forced open the back door and almost immediately detected the odor of death (yes there is a distinct odor) and when we finally found him he had splattered his brains all over the shower stall wall. He was still in a semi-seated position in the tub with the shower water running on him. He had wrapped a towel around the shotgun muzzle to muffle the blast noise. Two thirds of the top of his head was cratered from the blast.

    I can still see that image today as clear as it was then, and that was in 1972.

    The other involved a first on scene of a head on collision between an old Datsun pick up truck and a tractor-trailer. Estimated speeds were 70 mph on the tractor-trailer and in excess of 70 mph on the Datsun. A combine speed of 140 mph plus.

    Later investigation revelaled he had received word that Luke AFB was going to ship him overseas....he and wife were having problems......she said she wouldn't move......Air Force wouldn't listen.....he committed suicide.

    When we got there the Datsun was still lodged under the front bumper of the tractor-trailer. THere was no way for extraction at that time. Once the big rig was pulled up by a cable wrecker and the Datsun was freed we found what looked exactly like 200 pounds of ground meat.

    I still can see that one also. That occured in 1984, I believe.

    I feel for the family and friends of that girl there 1*. For, I know it's going to effect them. More so for the ones who had first hand witness to it.

    I hope you're OK, 1*......fer sure.
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    Wow Dale, I'd hate to have those images seared into my brain. :( :throwup:
  11. Sad but True


    A sad day indeed. But I don't think I have to tell you to be prepaired for the backlash suicides that always seem to follow the first.

    That scenario happened here two years ago. One popular teen took his own life, and 6 have followed. Not as dramatically or as graphically as the girl you mentioned, but it always follows thast pattern, like a Domino effect.

    I also can't help but wonder how the media will classify that rusted out junk pistol? An assault pistol maybe?
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    Roger that. There have been some new facts rise up since I posted this thread yesterday. The girl began giving away many of her possessions before she took her life.

    We also had a kid turn himself in to the detectives. Kid told us that he had a suicide pact with the girl, and that he was thinking about going through with it since she did. They comitteed his ***** on the spot.....But at least he came forward, tells me he really didn't want to do it.

    As of last night, the girl was listed in critical condition! Well, I got the real story this morning. They're keeping her on a ventilator for organ donor purposes. Her parents have to make the dedcision to turn off life support ultimately. I suppose they aren't ready to say goodbye yet. God I hope I'm never in that position....

    Oh Dale, I also know that smell.....
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  13. I also came across a suicide and I'm not even in law enforcement. While shooting jackrabbits in New River (north of Phoenix), I saw a car parked in the desert. I didnt think anything about it until I went back a week later to do some more shooting and the car was still there. I decided to have a closer look and as I walked up to the car I saw the hose from the tailpipe going into the window.
    I will always remember what the guy looked like after being inside a car with all the windows rolled up in the in the hot summer sun. Not a pretty sight.
    Dale, do you remember being called out on this? It was about 15 or 16 years ago.
    I have always wondered what the guy was thinking as he was writing the suicide note to his wife.
    There are a lot more suicides than most people realize because most suicides don't get reported in the paper or on the nightly news. Its really tragic that people dont get help before taking the permanent solution to a temporary problem
  14. No, Snakebite, I don't recall that one.

    But, you're right....many suicides go unreported to the public because they aren't newsworthy and often considered too gruesome......(like showing a DOS body being loaded for transport isn't? or a fireman carrying the lifeless body of a two year old isn't?) Suicide just isn't news sensationalism and they have no one or nothing to blame it on so the news doesn't want it.

    I've often said if the desert ever gave up it's dead it would look like an army marching across it.
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    DOS? Dead On Scene? We say DRT out here...Dead Right There...

    Worst for me was a 20ga in the mouth...back of the head....all over lead pellets hit me, thank God!

    Little girl was pronounced dead today....Stupid Stupid Stupid!
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    What is MGB....... May God Bless?
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    If anyone is interested. I'm taking a NCO Academy corespondence course that has good info on suicide awareness. It's about 6 pages. I'd be glad to fax or mail copies.
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    Would be very interested Jerry. I'll set ya up with a fax number when you're ready.......
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    My mom's 4th husband committed suicide by hanging himself in the Psych ward of the hospital with his shoelaces. Gotta wonder what those boys in the ward were thinking when he was brought in on a suicide watch.

    If you knew my Mom, you'd understand why he did the deed. I haven't heard how #5 is holding out. At least the dog got along well with her.