Safe Queens

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  1. How many of you have "Safe Queen" stashed away that have never been fired or lightly fired? What are your "Safe Queens" and why? I currently have two (2) "Safe Queens": Nickle-plated (never been fired) 4" Colt Diamondback .38 Special currently located in my safe deposit box and a 50th Anniversary model of the Dirty Harry 629 .44 Magnum which is sitting in my safe at home.
  2. TXplt

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    No "safe queens" just "pistols in reserve"

    All working guns, in great condition and been fired some but been replaced for carry duty by others (SIG replaced baby glock, Bulldog, and warthog for the time being). Love the Taurus 4" BBL Stainless .357, but it's role as car pistol has been supplanted by a Judge for the time being as well.

  3. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    mint enfield
    i have fired it but not a lot
  4. mitch_mckee

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    Everything I have was fired at least a fair amount. I want to know that they work and that I am proficient with them.

    Really, I just HAVE to shoot 'em.
  5. billy

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    i have 2 enfields so i don't go through withdrawals
  6. Midas

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    Don't own any safe queen's, all of my guns go hunting, and to the range, on a regular basis.
  7. Mooseman684

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    Safe Queens...An unfired Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester in .300 Win Mag...
    An Unfired NIB Jerry Mikulek S&W .45 Revolver. A NIB Unfired Kimber 84 M NRA Rifle in .338 Federal. A NIB unfired Springfield .45 ACP. An Unfired Chinese SKS, AN unfired M48 Mitchells Mauser, An unfired .30 Carbine Ruger Blackhawk...
  8. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    give ya 5 bucks for that blackhawk..........
  9. runfiverun

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    north american arms in 450 mag express, this was made before they split with freedom arms,have one box of factory ammo.
    and a mod.-70 feather weight made just before usrac took over,with the red recoil pad.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    A NIB, unfired, 1961 Spud Gun by Hasbro!
  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    Just two at the moment. A Winchester .22 bolt action, tubular magazine I inherited from my Dad, that I've never liked and will probably trade in against a CETME I have on layaway; and my granddad's 2 3/4" chamber side by side 12-gauge. It still shoots, but given it was made in the 1920s I'm a little leery of firing it with modern factory loads.
  12. NIB: NHM-91 AK, Henry Golden Boy .22, Benneli SBE, Benneli Franchi Raptor Ultra, and others.

    Never fired: 1895 Chileno Mauser rebore to 7.62 (not safe to fire), 1888 Manlichier/Mauser Commission Rifle.
  13. toolman

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    I don't own, and probably never will own, any gun that I'm not wiling to shoot.

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    The very first rifle I bought About 11 years ago. A Marlin 30/30, it has beautiful stock and gold trigger.
  15. Remington model 1100, 3" magnum...Marlin 981 T 22 rim fire...Marlin 983 T 22 magnum...
    H&R-NEF Pardner pumpaction 20ga.
    These last 3 I'll get around to shooting more some day. I don't like going shooting by my self.
    It's more fun when a friend comes along, but I don't have any friends so there safe Queens like the other 12 or 14 LOL
  16. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    i shoot 'em all!
  17. Colt Govt. Stainless 380. Bought new and fired a box of ammo through it.
  18. I only have one. Its a Kase Reeder "executive" custom built 1911A1. Too pretty to take out and shoot.. All my other pistols are functional.

  19. Mauser broomhandle pistol (value) and an old side by side 12ga (unsafe)