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    I remember when a fellow who worked at Sarco died as an old rifle he was firing exploded. I was wondering how one would inspect a gun to be sure it was safe to fire.
    I've heard of some sort of X-ray that they use on cannons for re-enactments that is supposed to detect microscopic cracks. Anyone know more about this?
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    not sure if it is the same thing you heard about,but they use a form of ultrasound in the automotive industry to check for cracks and cylinder wall thickness in engine blocks,crankshafts,etc..from what i understand,not many places have the equipment but you might want to check with some of the machine shops in your area.of course,you can also get a manaflux kit and do a somewhat coarser inspection yourself for a lot less money.

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    to answer both your posts at one time, find you a competent smithy in you area, ask around to find one. ask the seller if you can take to the smithy of your choice to inspect it. if ok do it, if not keep looking. once the smithy gives it a clean bill of health. find a deserted area with suitable back stopping. tie the rifle to an old tire, attach a long lanyard to the trigger. load one round, take cover and pull the cord. then check the rifle for damage, unusually hard bolt function, and compare the fired case to an unfired round for splits, cracks, bulges, or stretching. if the bolt works ok, remember mosins are harder to work compared to a mauser any how. repeat a few more times, if everything appears ok. than you can try for accuracy, my $.02 any way.
  4. Papa....^5...good advice.

    That's pretty much what I did with my 44.

    There's guy in Verde Valley that has a lot of experience with guns.

    He checked it for head space and miked the bolt.....calipered the channels.

    He gave it a heads up.

    I took it out in the middle of nowhere......took a piece of old thick carpet and put it on my tail gate.........layed the loaded gun on that......covered the gun with two 80 pound bags of concrete (one over the bolt....the other where the barrel meets the receiver (thinking if an exploding parts got through the 8 inches, or so, of dry concrete mix then I'm booking right then and there anyway, lol).

    Rigged a nylon cord to the trigger....backed ALLLLLLLLL the way to the front of the truck...yanked.

    I did that three times.

    I did the cartridge test.....looked good.

    I finished up the 57 rounds....hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    But, I do swear the azz end of the truck slid sideways 8 inches after all three shots.