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    I use:

    1 can of hunt's or del monte Salsa/mexican style stewed tomatoes
    1 cup of onion
    1 cup purple onion
    1/2 cup chopped cilantro
    1 Lime cut in half and squeeze juice into bowl discard lime
    1 can regular diced tomatoes
    Garlic 1 tsp (I usually buy the jar of prediced garlic) but powder is fine.
    1 TSP of yellow vinegar

    now for hotter salsa add 1-2 either banana or jalepeno peppers finely chopped.

    Again all the non prepared items need to be done according to your taste as I do not really measure out items when I cook.

    set in the fridge for atleast an hour then eat.
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    That sounds like very weak salsa to me. You would have to add at least two fresh jalapenos or 1 fresh habanero to be in the ballpark. And BANANA PEPPERS???????????? ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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    To HOT

    Klaus I am afraid I can't eat that stuff anymore. I use to eat jalepenos right out of the jar on chips but I can't handle the Heartburn or the sinus problems I get anymore from it. I still occasionally hit he wings, but rarely.
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    Pickled jalapenos are mild to begin with. Fresh jalapenos are much hotter, and smoked dried jalapenos (chipotle) are the hottest. I am sorry about your ulcer, or whatever you have. Some jokers at A&M University developed a strain of jalapeno that is not hot at all. You might want to try them. I strongly advise you to avoid habaneros at all costs.

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    I know I know

    Know all about the habanero. Ever tried any of Dave's insanity sauce? That &hit is hot!!!! I do like to eat spicy things but I need to wacth what I eat bc I will pay for it later. I even get heartburn after eating pasta sauces. Its the acid in it from the tomatoes.

    I use to use jalepenos in the salsa but i was too hot for the wife plus it started tearing me up so I cut back.

    Anyway the key to mexican cooking is Cilantro-got to use cilantro or you might as well be going to taco bell. Cumin is another ingredient that helps.
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