San Antonio Queso Recipe

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Very Texas, May 21, 2008.

  1. Very Texas

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    This is an easy recipe. All you need is a Crock pot and a few ingredients.
    San Antonio Queso
    1 lb. ground beef or 1 lb. Jimmy Dean Sausage or both
    1/4 cup chopped onion
    Velveeta Cheese Largest Brick (I think it is 4 lbs)
    (2) Rotel Tomatoes cans (regular size)-buy hot or mild Rotel optional
    Dash Garlic Salt

    Brown ground beef and chopped onion until cooked thru. Put ground beef in Crock Pot and cut the Velveeta brick into cubes and add to ground beef. Last add both Rotel cans and dash of Garlic Salt. Set Crock Pot on High and stir until cheese is melted. Once melted turn Crock Pot to warm. Spoon Queso over Tostado Chips and enjoy.

    Optional-Can dice a jalapeno pepper into Queso. Be careful not to get it to hot!
    Easy and Cheesy!:sombrero:
  2. TexasT

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    Hey! You stole my secret recipe! I use the breakfast sausage...and no onions. I think the rotel is enough.

  3. toolman

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    I like it with Rotel Fiesta with an extra jalapeno or Serrano chopped up in it.
  4. TexasT

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    I don't think that brick is 4 pounds...At least I hope not! Last queso I made a few weeks ago I accidentally picked up seasoned Rotel. I was mad at first because it looked weird and I didn't think it would taste the same, but it was good. I usually don't add any extra spice because the rotel and sausage do a good job of adding flavor.
  5. Very Texas

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    Yeah Texas T you are probably right about the 4 lbs of Velveeta~ it is probably 2 lbs(?) I will have to check that next time I am at the grocery store.

    Sorry about posting the SECRET recipe. ooppps
  6. Texan

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    Slight modification to yours:
    Once you fry up the sausage (would never use beef) dump the grease in with the meat. Then add Pace's HOT chunky picante sauce in stead of Rotel. Rotel just doesn't do it for us. Finely chop up a small bunch of cilantro, stems and all. Once the concoction is all melted and right before you serve it add the cilantro, stirred in.

    THEN, take the left overs, if there are any and save in the frig. This makes for GREAT grill cheese sandwiches. Ya have to toast the bread a little at first, add the Queso and finish toasting.. Hum-m-m-m-m-m!!!!!

  7. This should be eaten with tortilla chips and no napkins! It tastes better if ya wear a wide brimmed Cowboy Hat too!
  8. Very Texas

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    Hey Texan,
    Nice variation on the recipe. I like it and will have to try it (probably will drain the grease though). Use a lot of cilantro-but never thought of putting it on this. Great Idea.

  9. LiveToShoot

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    Ah, thanks for the San Antonio Queso'll bring back pleasant reminders of enjoying delicious Queso on chips while stationed in Abilene, TX.
  10. I had to call my cardiologist after reading that recipe!
  11. I use pace picante in everything. How is it with deer sausage? Would it be too dry? What about chorizo?
  12. SwedeSteve

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    Thanks for reminding me of queso! Been a while since I've made it.
  13. Very Texas

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    Okay I went to the grocery store today and it is 2lbs of cheese not 4. Correcting my own recipe :oops: Yes TexasT you were right!