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    This mayor that has taken an oath of office, gloats about his "sanctuary city" for illegals, openly promotes illegal immigration and now is so happy that gays can marry in California, what do yall think of this guy? I think he is an embarassment and should be kicked out of office for openly advocating the breaking of U.S. laws. but what do we expect, the mayor of L.A., Villagarosa and the former lt. gov. Bustamante openly promote "mecha aztlan" (yall need to google that up, it is scary!!) if an Anglo official preached a similar concept, he would be run out of office!!
  2. It is amazing . . .

    . . . . the federal government can and will absolutely attack
    a gun owner who makes a mistake yet we have
    politicians who live in a world of their own and nothing
    happens over it.

    What is the point of letting a few high profile politicians set
    themselves apart from the law?

    It is sad. It is depressing. It is sickening.

  3. mitch_mckee

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    San Fran needs more "Twinkie" killers to thin the herd of the local politicos.
  4. It sure is sicking and we the people can't seem to do anything about it !

    These Di_k smooth'in Illegal lovers need there azz whipped with a Bull Whip !!!
  5. MrsS

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    What A. H. said......
  6. Brother Bob

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    San Fransicko, the armpit of America.
  7. MrsS

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    Cali must have such a rep!, lol....I now hesitate to tell folks that I was born in CA and spent my early childhood there. Seems that I get more cringes when I mention that; not when I mention that I grew up a bit in Detroit.
  8. TXplt

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    It's amazing how some people can screw up a good deal....SF is a pretty place marred by unbridled wackiness. It pains me when we take a good thing and pi$$ it away.
  9. KGunner

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    I don't give a crap about gays marrying, really, it doesn't effect any part of my life. They are going to be together whether they can be married or not, aren't they people too. But I do have a problem with gay illegals getting married, not because they are gay, but because they are illegals and don't belong here. There will come a time where the illegals and the citizens of this country will have to fight for resources, and we will win and they will lose, and I have a feeling it will be bloody.
  10. Brother Bob

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    Gay illegals getting married?????????? Just when I thought I had ran out of things to worry about!!!!!
  11. Pred

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    I could care less about gays having the right to get married. We have many subjects of much greater importance that need dealt with.
  12. KGunner

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    Hey, it is San Francisco we are talking about here, they would love that.
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    You ain't shitin
  14. FS00008

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    Two cities come to mind when thinking of SF.

    Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm currently only 30 miles away from SF.
  15. And I hope the same thing that happened to those 2 cities also happened to S.F...Gays getting married don't directly affect my life either, but it honestly makes me sick. It just isn't right.

    I also agree with the fact there are far more important things politicians should be worrying about. Problem is, they don't worry about them and even if they did, they wouldn't and don't do anything that makes a chit of difference, and yet we sit back, **** and moan about it and do nothing.

    I'm to the point I don't care who I **** off. I'm going to start writing letters upon letters and sending them out. Sending letters to politicians about guns and about immigration and anything else I'm fed up about. I'm tired of pissing and moaning about it and not taking action. Like this gun issue. I've sent out letters or emails. But I don't think it's enough. I think it needs to be done every day by every gun owners until they get the message.

    I can't comment on this Mayor. It would get me in trouble if I said what I'm thinking...
  16. As far as Gays marrying in Califorina, the people of this state voted for marriage between man and woman.
    The Supreme court said Queers could marry today.

    Well I heard tonight their is a fight getting readied to over turn the supreme court.
    It should get interesting in the weeks ahead.

    You figure the people 82 % voted marrage between man and woman only.
    The supreme can't go against what the people voted for.

    Now to the ones that could careless that Queers can get married, here me out

    I care !!! I want the perverts back in the closet because I have to share this country with you and them.

    Reason being we have a maker (GASP ! ) who I know is the God of the Bible.
    This use to be a Christain nation wether your one or not and we still out number you !

    If we keep allowing all this Im moral crap to go on in this country were going to pay dealer for it and we already are.

    Laugh it off if you want to but your just as guilty if you condone it.
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  17. A.H., I don't condone it. I can't tell how I really feel, it would get me in trouble on this site. I do know, I'd rather use my energy to fight for my gun rights then not to let gays get married. GOD will deal with them in his own way in his own time, just like the rest. But I'm not about to waste my time on them. As long as they don't bother me, it don't affect my life.
  18. Ghost

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    I agree with you, A.H.. Complacency is where it all starts. If you say it doesn't bother you then you are basically saying you don't care that a group of people are overturning the American Citizens popular vote. If that precedent is set then what popular vote gets overturned next??? I haven't done any research on this Mayor in SF, but I can tell you this. He is just like every other politician I have encountered, the better the "under-the-table-payoff", the more the lobbyists can influence the so-called "objective vote." It always goes back to the payoff.

    Just my .02 worth....
  19. LOL A.H. I wasn't yelling at you or anything my friend. Just letting you know I didn't condone it. Just want to put my energy towards something more meaningful for me is/was all. Like my guns. Homos will always be around until GOD intervenes. Guns however, well they'll disappears if we continue to do nothing.

    I honestly think we're on the same page when it comes to the HOMO issue A.H.. lol