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  1. During cleaning of my SAR 3 the other day I noticed the gas piston rod attached to the bold carrier had come loose during firing.

    On the SAR3, at least, the gas piston rod appears to screw into the front of the bolt carrier where the bolt carrier forms a cone.

    In this case it had backed out slightly.

    I noticed also, that if you try to unscrew it any further that the rod 'freezes' and unloosens no further like there is a 'stop' built into it somehow.

    At the front of the bolt carrier is a hole that allows you to see the screw threads on the gas bolt. but I can't find any threads in the hole itself to indicate a threaded set screw was ever used to prevent the rod from unscrewing.

    Knowing that the SAR 1 and 2 were built on the same model as the SAR 3 I was wondering if any other SAR owner (or 47 owner, for that matter if it applies) has noticed this rod loosening?

    I certainly wouldn't think it was a normal occurrence but, then again, the way guns are made these days one never knows.

    What is the purpose of the small hole at the front of the bolt carrier for?.... is used for set crew purpose and my tired eyes can't tell that?

    Thanks, Dale
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    All SAR 3 rifles had their original gas piston replaced with a US made unit. The originals are threaded into the carrier and then cross drilled and pinned. The replacements are usually screwed in and tack welded in place thru one of the drilled carrier holes, sometimes this weld does not hold properly as the parts were oily when tacked. The piston should actually be threaded in all the way then backed out 1/4 of a turn and pinned in place. A little wobble is normal and desirable for dependable function in a AK type weapon. If the gas piston is allowed to unscrew by itself it can actually close off the gas port or not allow the carrier to completely lock the bolt shut (bottoms out in the gas cylinder/block).

  3. Tony,

    Thanks for the information.

    After I noticed the gas piston rod and bolt had come too loose, after only the second outting firing it, I contacted Century Arms Inter. and their returned e-mail explained the modification making it US legal. They also told me to tighten the rod as tight as I could and tack weld it in place, which I did.

    They never mentioned keeping it slightly loose and that bothers me.

    What else bothers me is that they never offered for me to return the bolt and rod for a replacement or repair.

    Since I bought the gun I have read and heard many people commenting on the substandard products and service from Century Arms.

    Because of that I doubt very much if they will ever see my business again.

    Once agin, thanks for your valuable info...fer sure....yepper.
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    Century is a very large company and sometimes some of the workers there can be buttheads for sure, both in customer service and in their assembly area. BUT I love Century for what they keep doing...getting in these hard to import/assemble AK rifles along with the G3 and CETME rifles and FALs. If it wasn't for Century, these past few years we would not have any of the imports we are seeing. 6 of one and 1/2 dozen of the other.