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    Today on a local radio station, I heard that Sara Brady (of Handgun Control Inc.) Purchased a Remington 30-06 for her son. The report did not say how old the son was, but MY IMPRESSION was that the son was an adult. I believe this rifle was purchased in Delaware, and that in Delaware it is against the law to purchase a gun for another person. (Please correct me, I may be wrong on what state this occurred in). I only got part of the report, and I have not heard anything else on the on the news.

    But this sounds a lot like the same story that we keep on hearing. Some high profile person speaks out against guns and then purchases a gun for THEIR OWN PERSONAL PROTECTION. But screw the rest of us, because in their eyes we are not important. Remember Dianne Fienstien, Barbara Boxer, Rosie Odonell....

    When Does It end??????
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    Havent heard any thing but I am Not surprised

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    Sarah Brady can break the law, she is special, it is you sir who can not, do you not see the difference between you and Sarah Brady? I know I sure do not as well, cause if you did something like that you would be in prison, she does that its ok.
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    Like Steven Speilberg, who backs liberal anti-gun orig's, has one of the biggest firearms collections in his home. He is so much more important then we, the little people, are. I mean he was able to carry a flag into the opening ceremonies at 2002 Olympics. What a "god" he is.
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    Right from the horse's mouth. -UR.

    NRA-ILA FAX Alert Vol. 9, No. 12 3/22/02
    Sarah Brady, Chair of the gun-ban lobby formerly known as HCI, may be in a little trouble with the law. And the reason why is quite surprising. According to the March 22 issue of the Daily News (N.Y.), Brady may have violated the type of gun-control law she and her organization regularly advocate. In her soon-to-be released book, "A Good Fight," the gun-ban advocate reveals that in 2000, she bought a hunting rifle at a Delaware gun shop for her son, who was 18 at the time. And while Brady carefully describes her experience, and the fact that the store clerk ran the required background check on her, there is no mention of the store also running a background check on her son -- a requirement under Delaware state law.
    Amy Stillwell, a spokeswoman for the gun-ban lobby that now carries Brady`s name, explained to the Daily News that federal law does not require a background check on the son for this type of gift purchase, which is true. However, Delaware Justice Department spokeswoman Lori Sitler indicated that if Brady did not disclose the rifle was a gift for someone else, providing information for a background check on the recipient, then the purchase may have violated Delaware law. Sitler was quoted as saying, "You can`t purchase a gun for someone else. That would be a straw purchase.` You`ve got a problem right there."
    This controversy highlights one interesting point. The fact is that there are already so many laws on the books that regulate firearms that even the nation`s foremost advocate of passing more laws may not be able to keep track of what is already on the books. NRA-ILA Executive Director James Jay Baker commented, "We hope that it`s innocuous and there`s been no laws violated."
    Some, no doubt, will be shocked to learn of the firearm purchase by someone like Sarah Brady. NRA-ILA`s Baker observed, "It`s obviously interesting that Sarah would be purchasing firearms of any kind for anybody, given her championing of restrictive guns laws for everyone." Considering that she and her organization regularly claim that "the safest thing [to do] is not to keep a gun in the home," one wonders whether her son follows his mother`s advice? Or maybe he simply follows long-established firearm safety and storage practices that keep responsible gun owners and their families perfectly safe when they keep firearms in their homes. And there are also the Brady warnings about "children" and firearms. These gun-ban lobbyists regularly include individuals as old as 19 (and sometimes older) in their statistics for "children."
    There is likely more to come of this story, which we will certainly follow.
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    It is more of the same drivel. Saw the brady bunch on tv last night,the whole pathetic story was on,Sara and hubby,who by her word was a genius before he was shot.But it seems although their pitiful story is used to crush gunowners,the gun used was not an illegally purchased weapon,at least they could use a story that was created by the use of an illegal gun!
    The whole **** thing made me want to hurl,so I changed the channel,ah relief!:mad:
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    "When guns are outlawed,only outlaws and the aristocracy will have guns."

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    I hope they throw the book at her! What goes around comes around.
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    We might not have to worry too long. I saw a short clip one day on the news that Sara Brady is dying of Lung Cancer. She is addicted to cigarettes and she "CAN'T QUIT SMOKING". Guess whats next. She is probably going to sue the cigarette companies because she can't stop smoking.

    Everybody gets theirs in the end, good or bad, It just takes a matter of time.
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    Darn shame the media and people like Sarah think it is ok for them but no
    one else. Car's kill everyday but we can't ban them. Kid gets killed here in
    Cleveland from some idiot shooting him with a pellet gun and they make them
    illegal to own now. I even had a bunch of Gun owners during separate
    discussion's try and tell me that those high powered Pellet guns should be
    outlawed. I almost died when I heard this from one of us and try to tell
    them the media has even got them brain washed and they dont see it. People
    sometimes dont think out what they are talking about and when you show them
    what they are saying they want to argue it even when they are wrong.
    Programming today is to argue and loose track of where you started along
    with common sense it seems. Like it is bad to hunt deer but eating Mc
    Donald's cheeseburgers is ok because those animals were breed to be killed.
    Or the people in the new $500.000 home development that are against hunting
    after plowing 200 acres down for there new home with no trees. Or like here
    the same group tore out 200 acres around a dairy farm and after 1 year they
    tried to get a petition to get the dairy farm closed because they couldn't
    stand the smell of all the cow crap.
    Sorry for the rant but I get sick over the stupidity of people like Sarah
    Brady. I could go on with this silliness but we all get the point. Thanks
    for listening, Rick B
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    Dang, does this mean I have to take back the .22 Marlin I gave my brother-in-law for Christmas two years ago?
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    The favourite thing here in Winnipeg is for punks to drive aroud with "Super Soaker" water guns full of bleach. Personally I'd rather take a non-lethal shot from a small calibre pistol than a face full of pressurized,Javex or acid. So what, we'll ban kid's toys next? Like that will help! Any empty "Windex" bottle will do the same thing.
    Hear of a potatoe gun? Piece of 2 1/2 inch pipe sealed on one end. Place a potatoe, apple, whatever you can jam in, then fill the pipe from the sealed end from a propane tank 'til enough pressure builds to shoot out the plug.
    I had one shot thru a window, across the porch, and laundry room, with enough force left to embed glass and apple into the kitchen wall!! Like to see a 12 gauge build that velocity!!
    Ban any, every thing they want, and these snot nose punk wanna be gang members will still come up with some kind of weapon.
    Let's not ban guns, rather ban these pansy young offenders acts, and watch, crime and violence will drop down with it.