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  1. Received a $249 refinshed M1 Garand kit on 6-21. The metal has been refinished.The bolt has a weird black/red color. There is very light coat of rust on the rest of the metal. All metal looks real good. It came with a new Springfield .06 barrel that has been cut and rechambered to 308. Gas cylinder and piston apprear new. Get this, the wood is a new commerial stock with hand gaurds made in India. Whats up with that?? The stock looks great, but the guards are very, very dark. They look like crap and feel cheap like an SKS. Now, where oh where is my CMP receiver. Hurry Lou.
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    Good information Jack, I was literally looking at a Shotgun News yesterday and almost ordered one to build me a .308 Garand. I've never had good luck with parts kits from SARCO. But what can you do when they are the cheapest. Let me know after it's together what you think. Good Shooting!