Saudi students are going to sue American government and mass media

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    This came from PRAVDA...the USSR newspaper....Im gona also post the link to the newspaper....some of their articals still echo the old USA is capitalist pigs hard line communist slant....kinda intersting to read how our "newest bestest friend talks about us".
    As for these clowns sueing us....welp I all for paying them back in FMJ currency.....the messed up part is that it will probly be the ACLU fileing the suit.

    Saudi students are going to sue American government and mass media

    A group of students from Saudi Arabia set out their intention to sue the American government and mass media of the USA on the allegation of psychological and financial damage. The students claimed that they had suffered from that damage after the events of September 11, 2001.

    The BBC informed, lawyer Katib al-Shamri, who represents the claimant, charged the US government with violating the rights of American Arabs. The Saudi lawyer sated that his clients had to stop their studies in the USA. Some of them were illegally detained without any charges. Others appeared in American press as suspects of being Al-Qaeda terrorists.

    Al-Shamri declared that the decision to do the trial was the response to the lawsuit that was filed by the relatives of September 11 victims. This is the reason, why it was decided to stand the trial with the American government only now.

    Most likely, there is the government of Saudi Arabia behind the lawsuit from Saudi students. They all claim that the suits from the relatives of September 11 attacks caused irreparable damage to the international authority of Saudi Arabia. As if they don’t know in Riyadh that sponsoring terrorists was a bigger damage to the country.

    It is not really clear, where exactly Arab students are going to strive for justice. If they choose the territory of Saudi Arabia, then one may predict the positive result of the trial even now. If they do it in the USA, then students’ lawyers will have to work really hard to prove their allegation of moral damage. The whole thing is definitely all about politics, this way or other.

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    Doglips,I REALLY tried,but I don't feel the least bit sorry for them. Maybe the gun owners here can sue Saudi Arabia,since most of the hijackers were Saudi citizens,and they have done damage to us.

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    can Saudi students spell"nuke'em?":eek: :D
  4. This is our chance! Now lets take over Saudi Arabia. I think 17 cents a gallon for premium gasoline is fair.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    The last I heard in arab countrys they sell gas for 25 cents a gallon. Only the countrys they have by the testicles pay more than that!
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    The idiots need to sue bin Laden.
  7. Calvin

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    I agree with Klaus, but how would they ever collect?
    My personal feeling is to sue Saudi Arabia, en mass, for all of the problems they have caused us in the last 12 years. That should shut them up. When was the last time they ever came to our aid when we needed it?
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    Tell them to go find Bin Laden and AL Qaeda, maybe they can get the reward money.
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    Well, if they take to court in PRK, they'd probably get treble damages. We're still our own worst enemy.

    I'm so sick of the way our system is being manipulated and how we cowtow to every pisssant foreigner, I am fed up!
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    How 'bout we reposess all the drilling and processing equipment we installed there? They can keep the oil. We can come back for it later when the radiation dies down.
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    Oh heck,before it's all over we will probably do it the good old PC way and just raise taxes and give them the rest of the money and get it over with........WWBD? (what would Bill do?)

    :nod: :nod: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :nod: :nod:
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    Can't wait to see the lawyer that agrees to take that claim!
  13. Oxford

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    There's plenty of crooked lawyers with no ethics and no morals who would take their case. It usually gets down to how much they'll have to be pay to press their charges.
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    A boat full of lawyers - or so the saying goes - Legal Prostitutes is all they are - if the money is right they will do anything -

    Screw them and their sad little feelings - ahhh, you feel damaged by our feelings toward your kind - too F***'* bad, get over it. Eat pig, it's good! You won't eat an animal that wallows in the mud, but you'll wallow inthe mud with your countrymen (terrorists). Sounds kinda hipocritical. Thats OK cause my hiprocracy knows no bounds.

    How much oil do you think you and a couple of camels can get out of the ground - NONE - you need us, the US, you'll always need us. No one has had to come to our rescue - wonder why? We always come to yours or everyone elses - and you have the odasity (sp) to rip us after we have pulled your a**es out of every hole you have dug yourselves into.

    Please Mr. Saudi school boy, find a better arguement, heck find one period. Pretty soon you'll be wanting reparations.

    Oh ya, if we want to take your oil, we'll do it. Whose gonna stand in our way? You? PLEASE.
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    It's not the time for them to use our facilities

    Ok're in charge of this mission. Let me be your 2nd in command guy. You know what happens to the first guy. (ha)

    Regardless of who's in charge those Saudi students here should wake up and realize they're in unfiendly country and get to hell out. It's not the time for them to use our facilities. Their welcome is over.

  16. Where's Jessie Jackson when you need him.
  17. Calvin

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    He's probably in a Motel 6 working on a new intern.......
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    I'll lead Oxford, just watch my 6.

    'And when my body is laid to rest, pin my wings upon my chest!!!