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SAVAGE 170 pump 30-30 rifle

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ArkansasHunter, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    I was looking in the ad section of our news paper this morning and saw where a feller has a
    Savage model 170 30-30 pump action rifle for sale w/scope $350.00

    I didn't know Savage made a pump rifle.

    Will some one provide some info about this gun and is it a possible collectable ? Thanks A.H
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  2. ezearln

    ezearln G&G Newbie

    Can't really say it is especially collectible, but Savage did produce that rifle for some years, accurate fairly rugged and reliable but $350 is way too much change for it, I'd offer $200 and settle for a max of $250 myself. The books may say different but thats my opinion.
  3. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    Ez I went to google and found a picture of this rifle and now I remember it, they did sell it for years.
    I wonder how those new hornady rubber tip cartridges would do shot through it.
    I also wonder if they were any good...I'll go call about it to see if i can find out about the condition of it...A.H
  4. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Savage mod.170:.30-30win. or .35rem.,(rare)cal.,22in barrel,folding leaf sight,3 shot tube mag.,checkered pistol grip stock.Mfg 1970-81.$155 at 98%,$55 at 60%.Savage model 170C,.30-30 only similar to 170,18 1/2in barrel.Mfg 1974-81.$170 at 98%,$55 at 60%.The scope would have to be a good one to bring that price.Savages dont carry much collectors value. sam.
  5. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog G&G Newbie

    I wrote an article on those last year on and actually used my 170 in 35 Rem for a test gun.

    The 200 gr Hornady Evolutions kicked the hell outta my shoulder and I got a dandy bruise out of the article but the shells performed really well and accurate.
  6. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    Mad Dog how do you like the 35 cal. 170 ????
    The guy sold the gun, I was to late calling about it.
    I want a .358win which is a 35 cal...I almost ordered one today, a Ruger Hawkeye but when the guy at the shop I called answeard the phone I ordered some 308 ammo instead.
  7. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog G&G Newbie

    I had a 170 in 30-30 up until I came across the 35 Rem, then got rid of it. I find that alot of guys get ahold of me with feeding issues with the 30-30 170's. I have not heard of one problem with the 35's. I think the main reason is that the build of the rifle doesn't work well with the rimmed cases of the 30-30's yet function perfectly with the 35's rimless brass. 35 is definitely the way to go with the 170's but are hard to find due to the rarity of the chambering, they made alot more 30-30's in the 170's than the 35's.

    I've got a 358 as well, a real nice old 99R in 358 that I still haven't gotten to the range yet but I'm gonna before deer season.
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  8. Zen900

    Zen900 G&G Newbie

    Did you ask what he sold it for?
  9. chet

    chet G&G Newbie

    i would like to know what the common feed problem is
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  10. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog G&G Newbie

    The lifter doesn't center the cartridge properly (with the 30-30 anyways) and the rim gets hung up or jammed in the chamber, it's usually more of an ejection problem more than a feeding problem.
  11. oren1949

    oren1949 G&G Newbie

    I found this website looking for info on the Savage Model 170, Type B, 35 Remington. Mad Dog, I read your reply:
    referring to feeding issues. I have a problem. I had the joy yesterday of hitting a 8 point buck high on the shoulder and then standing there while the deer looked at me with a jammed gun. A second shot and I would have him. I'm sick that I didn't get a good first hit, but I'm really sick thinking I wounded the deer and it ran off and couldn't take it because of the jam.
    Anyways the feed issue I am having is I am getting two shells coming from the magazine tip to tail lodged in the receiver, or 1 bullet will chamber correctly and one will be ejected out the bottom. I have had the gun since new (1980) and had some issues when new, but just thought it was me. The gun was stored for about 20 years while I was in the military and has been getting used now, and the issue has been getting progressively worse. Any ideas, probably heading to a gun smith, I love the gun and want it fixed.
  12. baldeagle48

    baldeagle48 G&G Newbie

    My dad loaned me a model170 in 30-30, I had a 10 point being chased by dogs stop and stand broad side about 100 yards away. Took careful aim and" CLICK",No bullet in the chamber. He heard the click and was on his way i pumped off 3 shots but in vain. he was gone, the dogs came by a few second later and I listened as they barked until I couldnt here them any longer. That was my experience with a model170.not really the guns fault,Just user malfuncion, or disfuncion.
  13. tackleberry

    tackleberry G&G Newbie

    I have one of these, in .30-30, have replaced just about every internal part in the **** thing and it will not cycle properly. Cartridges jam up on the way in, however it does eject properly. I'm at the point where I will not waste time on it anymore. Mine apparently never had a serial number which means it was built before they were required. I am at the point where i will part out this rifle unless someone can give me pointers on how to get this rifle working properly.
  14. apriso dick

    apriso dick G&G Newbie

    I have one of the Savage 170's in 30-30 (bought used last spring, from a gunsmith, no less) and am having the same feeding/cycling issues as the rest of you guys!
    PLUS mine has the problem of the slide lock not dropping away from the bolt after firing the rifle. I have to jam the forearm back and forth a few times in order for the slide lock to drop. It would be faster just to depress the slide lock release after firing, but it shouldn't have to work like that.
  15. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog G&G Newbie

    None of them should work like that but they have a bad rep.

    I had a buddy walk into the gunshop last week with a N.I.B. 170 30-30 carbine and asked me what I'd give him for it. The fact that it was brand spankin new and built in the 1980's just about made me buy it off him then I remembered the 30-30 problems and passed on it.
  16. kerohson

    kerohson G&G Newbie

    I bought an almost new mod. 170 a few weeks ago. It didn't take me long to figure out why it was in such good shape. It has never been fired, not because someone didn't try. I could not get it to feed at all. After looking at this thing for a while, I found there to be too much room between the lift and the cartridge stop. I drilled and tapped the bottom forward part of the triger guard and inserted a set screw. This pushed up on the lift, closing the gap, not allowing the shell to pass over the stop. It works for now. It is still a cheap gun though.
  17. hutch

    hutch G&G Newbie

    savage 170

    I bought my 170 30-30 because it was different. I have had no feed problems,as long as the action is cycled briskly. It also shoots just over 1". I have been looking for a 35rem. to go along with it. Goes to the shoulder just like an 870,meaning it point great.
  18. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    I forgot all about this thread . Thanks hutch !

    Welcome to Gun and Game hope to see you around often...A.H
  19. hutch

    hutch G&G Newbie

    savage 170

    As far as I have seen 35rem.s will bring almost twice as much as the 30-30. Wouldn't really call it collectable though. I had no idea I would like it as well as I do. Any history would be nice to have.
  20. poleski

    poleski G&G Newbie

    savage 170

    thanks guys,i'm new and was about to buy one of these things,had one in 1972,i had no feed problem i could not get it sighted in.i bought it new,the gunsmith at the time wrote me a letter and the company gave me a refund and i bought the 760 gamemaster remington.still hunting with it. i thought it would be nice to own one but you all have saved me a few hundred dollars and a headache or 2. lets put this one to 1 of savages mistakes,never had any trouble with any other models. poleski
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