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Well group...

Starting over 2 times in one week! This sucks. I came here because it was like the old GunAndKnife board only to get dumped and have to start over with a new format. I want to post questions and make replies not play games with silly little faces. Oh well, enough said. On with life. Anyone have a 99 question? Any models to identify?

If you came over from the GunAndKnife Savage Forum Page and are now using a new name, please identify state your old name, also.

Rick.... (Rick....)
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Hi Rick!

Just wanted to say I'm sooooooo happy to see you're the first to sign in! That's the way it should be, and the way we want it to be. Keep up the good fight! Best wishes for bringing the troops over.

(formerly JimT) "savageT" Original don't you think?

I found out the new site was here throgh the Savage site. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get the word out? I left a message on forum under then rifle catagory. Any suggestions?

Hi Rick,

Got here Thursday and found you all, came back Friday and found a totally new format and no one here. Got here this morning and found you again. It's a shame they changed the format. Liked it a lot better the old way. Found Ram and NYsavagefan wandering around the 24hourcampfire. Think Moon is there too going by Moonpie. Not sure as he didn't leave a long enough post to get the feel of his writing style. If they don't show up in a little while I'll go over there and let them know some of us are here too. Hope enough show up and things stabilize here at least long enough to figure out what to do next. As soon as I learn enough to ask an intelligent question I will. Being homeless (so to speak) sucks!

I dont think I like this

GUys I dont care for this much.
Did you guys loose the old gun and game page,mine still comes up.I found this one this morning,I couldn't figure out why noone was posting.I thought you all abandoned me.This sight was sold a short while ago and this is the newcomers change.I think it will work out in time but it was not very well informed to anyone.Spread the word where its at so things can start to get normal here.
Hello folks..

I’ll drop in and visit fairly regular where ever there is 99 talk…I don’t care. Just hope that most of that good experience and expertise ends up in the same location. Whatever that location will ultimately be, It’ll become what WE make it. It’s just that our comfort zone has temporarily been broken.

Unless there is another forum around now that I don’t know about, the old style that we were use to at G&K is gone. Like Rick said, that’s life and life goes on.

24hourcampfire and Shooters are getting a little activity from some of the old Savage forum’s participants. This site and Shooters are both new to me, but I’ve hung around the campfire for more than a year. I have varied interests so I’m already at home over there, doesn’t matter though.

As for format style, I think all the sites have pros and cons. I do like the postings being in chronological order. I always did like to read the responses in the order in which they were posted. Sometimes that took a little effort on large threads on the old forum format. I do like the reply button on the individual post over at the campfire…whoever you are replying to shows up on your post.

Anyway, looking forward to getting back to 99 talk.
I used my first name over at the old forum, Vic.
Converted to my campfire handle for now on. :p :p
(I like the smilie faces)
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Rick - it's Chris in Dallas. I agree with you comments regarding the new forum format. I also prefer the 'old' look and feel.
Chris, Vic, George, Jim, Brian, Merl(Mike?),

I've notified over 20 people from the old board. Some made it over before the change. They should still have my e-mail and if they can't find their way after this change I would hope they would e-mail for directions. Lets give it some time to settle down then we might do a SIGN IN. There appears to be a lot of reads but not many registered yet. Kind of like a flushed covey of quail. Just have to keep whistling till everyone shows up. I guess I had better go and read up on what makes this board tick. Bells and whistls everywhere. May be I can find some that have value.


Was RogerG on old forum...good to see ya.


Is that a little confussing,I bet.When I first went on line a friend told me never use your real name,I dont know what his reason was but I did as I was told.I started out useing my fathers name,he's been dead almost 10 years,he didnt use it anymore and Merl is easy to remember.Then one day I signed up on a web sight and they assigned me bgl0b6,I had to use it so I started useing it everywhere.One day I realized with an e-mail address like [email protected] everyone would figure out my name really is Mike.I hope that clears up the confussion.....John......just kidding
Never fear the Moon is here.

This forum style isn't so bad. Just takes getting used to.
As long as I get to talk savages its fine by me.
Hi Fella's,
Been trying to get the feel of a new site just like the rest of you.
I was Steve R on old site.

Good Grief ! This is almost too much work. I wonder what was wrong with their old board. Looked fine to me.

Anyway, Glad to find you all. Even though I don't post often. I read through the forum almost daily. When the site closed, I thought it might be the end of the world. Had to go and hold the Savage for a while, just for reassurance of reality. :)

Maybe we will find a more user friendly home...

The other board that came into being did so to accomodate Savage collectors. This one already existed as just a general Savage discussion arena. Something to think about. Oh, and the other guys aren't changing their format requiring re-registration.
Back Again, Again

Have been out of touch for a few days but I was able to follow the trail to all of you Savage fans again.

Actually I like the format since you can see all of the posts on one topic without loading and loading and loading.

Will have to see how some of these neat bells and whistles work.

Looks like we can upload pictures to this one!!!

My .22-250 came yesterday but it threatens to rain here so it will wait for another day. I bought it off Gunsamerica from a guy in Washington. Has some carry wear on the belly but not the clip - must be a replacement. Price was fair for what it is.

Moon won't be deterred by the wether though so I hope we get a range report from him this evening.

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Hey G&K forum guys,

I just found out that you can change the display of the Savage Collectors Forum at the Campfire to look very close to the Gun and Knife format. There's a post "Hey Savage Collectors" by RickBin over there that tells you how to do it. Take a look and see what you think. I also saw reference to a forum that they have over there that is for photos too. Sounds something like the one Vic was trying to get going on the old forum. Not trying to get everyone to move again since everyone still hasn't been located yet but something to keep in mind once the old bunch is pretty much together again.
Glad you found your way here. I too think the format is easier to follow. The clip magazine on my 99C also shows very little wear while the receiver just ahead shows the usual carry wear. Maybe the clips hold their color differently.
Anyway, nice find on the .22-250.
Rick, found it a couple of days ago but just trying to figure it all out. Posted a couple of times on the Gun and Knife under Bob E. but read it every day. Second now to my 99 interest is my new 12bvss .223. Hope I can keep getting the best of both worlds right here on this forum. Too Builder
I'm here too. Feel pretty lucky to find you guys.

I haven't been posting much since arguing with Homer, but logged in regularly to learn.

James in SD
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