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Savage 24 (?) in 32-20

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Years ago this Indian hunter started out hunting with an old Savage bolt action in 32-20. Those were the years when I could walk all day, see much better, and could use open sites.
Hunting here in B.C. for the blacktail deer was an adventure, being I am indian I had much freer range to hunt. Trained by my grandfather to hunt in slow walking and observation, the 32-20 fit the bill. I had more one shot kills with that little rifle. Ranges in those days were under 50 yards in deep bush. Sometimes the ranges were in feet. Only once did I take a buck, at the range of about 18 feet, he was rut crazy.
Other than that, grandfather would always say "can't eat the horns, does taste better anyways". "Leave the bucks for the whiteman," he would say. At that time this worked. Non-Indian hunters thinned the buck popuation and Indian hunters thinned the doe population.
I got rid of that old 32-20 when my hunting style changed. Older legs walked less and more income translated into a pick up truck. I stated hunting logged area's which called for longer shots than I would try to take. The ol' 32-20 became trade fodder for something larger with a scope. replaced it with a 7x57 1895 Mauser. This was transformed into an accurrate scoped rifle. Still one of my favoraite and most accurrate rifles.
I still wish I had that old 32-20, I could be using it on rabbits now.
As a Indian (Native American the younger ones call ourselves now) I am glad to be able to hunt and count many non-indian shooters & hunters as my friends. When it comes to standig up for our hunting heretage it doesn't matter what color we are, we support the same cause.
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Jimbo, I believe you are refering to a Savage model 23. I do not think Savage made the model 24 double gun in 32-20. The 23's & 19's are among my favorite rifles. Thanks for telling us of your grandfather.

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