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Savage 93R17 Bolt Help

Discussion in 'Savage' started by EHCRain10, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. EHCRain10

    EHCRain10 G&G Newbie

    Hey guys, looking for some help with my new rifle,
    as i said in the title, the rifle is a Savage 93R17, not sure of the letters that follow but if it matters it has the blued bull barrel and the black synthetic stock.
    what i need help with is how to remove the bolt for cleaning, the owners manual is a little confusing in the instructions on how to remove the bolt, so picutures would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the help!

  2. gasgas

    gasgas G&G Newbie

    bolt removal

    Hey EHC , I have a 93r17 also . Open the bolt and pull the trigger and the bolt will slide out.
  3. EHCRain10

    EHCRain10 G&G Newbie

    just went home where i keep the gun and that didnt work, any suggestions?
  4. sirptrk

    sirptrk G&G Newbie

    Did you work the bolt while holding in the trigger, thats how mine works. I cant remember if the safety made a differance or not.
  5. Lng Rng

    Lng Rng G&G Newbie

    If I remember right, you have to put the gun on fire, pull the bolt as far back as it will go, then pull the trigger. Then, it should fall right out.
  6. cremley

    cremley G&G Enthusiast

    with the bolt open, take the safety off and pull the triger and hold it while you slide the bolt out. I have the same rifle and that is how it works. if you are still having trouble, try removing the magazine because there might be something catching on it. if you still can't get it, you have a problem.
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