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Savage 99'ers

Discussion in 'Savage' started by SlowGoat, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. SlowGoat

    SlowGoat G&G Newbie

    This Savage 99 enthusiast just found his way here, again.
    How about the rest of you?
  2. Soon to be 116 FSAK owner found his way here as well. Hope to see more from the old site soon.

  3. Feel like an orphan

    Alaska is in the house!
    Where are we going to end up tomorrow???:p
    Just hope the others realize to go back to the root domain to find the message.

  4. Shane

    Shane G&G Newbie

    I am a new owner of a 99E. I believe the only difference between this and a regular 99 is the lack of a counter to tell me how many rounds I have left. If I'm wrong than please tell me so.
    I posted on this board before the big change. I guy wrote me that the 99 has a reputation for being a straight shooter. Mine is a lever action in .243 Win. I think it holds a max. of 6 rounds. I'm new to guns in general and this gun in particular and would like to hear from other owners and learn all I can.
    Is this a good "deer gun"?
    Safe Shooting,
  5. Shane

    Shane G&G Newbie

    R U There?

    Wondering if anyone still browses this forum. I'd really like to connect w other 99 owners.

  7. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    I've seen a few and am curious about them. I recently found that some take detachable mags. Anyone know how common those mags are these days?
  8. Ivey

    Ivey G&G Newbie

    .303 Savage, Laod with .308 or .311?

    I have a 1928 .303 Savage Model 99 take down model. A friend who is going to help me load some ammo states that early models had a .311 bore before Savage changed to .308. I have found a web page that backs this up. So I took my barrel to a gunsmith who sluged it with a result of .3065 but he found info that the bore was not the changing factor rather that they were just loaded with a.311 bullet by design. I have also found web pages that support this. My questions are with one is correct? And what should I load? Any good advice would be greatly apreciated.
    Thanks, Bruce L. Ivey
  9. savparts

    savparts G&G Newbie

    99 Owners

    Savage 99
  10. Ivey

    Ivey G&G Newbie

    Haven't been here in a while Shane

    I got your responce. I have been off for a while but am still interested. If you have something you want to chat about, post it and I will reply. Oh by the way, did you get a deer with your .243? I think it is a fine caliber for deer with in your range of competency. Remember paper plate 9 out of 10. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Bruce. L. Ivey
  11. savparts

    savparts G&G Newbie

    I have about 30 out of the 50+ Savage;s I own are 99's
    Yes the 99 is a collector item, and values have gone up quite a bit
  12. Gunngee_.300

    Gunngee_.300 G&G Newbie

    .300 savage model 99F

    I am glad that I stumbled upon this forum. I currently own a model 99F .300 savage. It was my grandfathers who bought it brand new. My dad inherited the rifle when my grandfather passed away in 77 or 78. I was quite young. I aquired it through a trade with my dad in which I traded a 6.5x55 swedish mauser by Husqvarna. I have always loved this rifle, it's so comfortable to shoot and it just feels like it's a part of me. I guess what I want to know is besides the imense sentimental value of this rifle, is it worth anything? I know it's hard to put a price on something like this but I'm just curious. It is in very good shape gets used every fall for hunting (I shot my first moose with it). The very tip of the barrel as well as the lever and trigger could use some re-bluing. It has a Weaver 2.5-7 variable scope with pivot mounts. The serial number of this rifle is 764473.
  13. G Hollingsworth

    G Hollingsworth G&G Newbie

    Its not a bad thing ,you made me think. I owned one of the 303 Turkeys at one time, not a 99. Which I must say is one of the nicely made lever guns.
    303 british is .312--.311 designed in 1889 or around then and with millions of surplus ammo around, not only Savage chambered for it so did Winchester in the mod 95. OPINION...Not my idea of a good cartrage. First its rimmed, they stretch badly and crack,fairly short case life. but they do pack a punch.
  14. Gunngee_.300

    Gunngee_.300 G&G Newbie

    I'm curious, I went to but i cannot find where you can check the year by the serial number. Any comments? Also if you are holding the rifle like you are firing it. On the left side below the scope mount it says "SAVAGE MODEL 99" then below that it has an upside down E. However if you look on the barrel where it says "HI - PREASSURE STEEL - PROOF TESTED" it then says "MODEL - 99F". Which is it? 99E or 99F? One other thing, my dad says that he thinks the lever action on this rifle never came blued, it was a polished steel from the store. Is that true?
  15. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog G&G Newbie

    Wow 99's, they seem pretty interesting!!

    Hey Steve, you ever coming back home???
  16. savparts

    savparts G&G Newbie

    Been around, never left, just on other forum
  17. Gunngee_.300

    Gunngee_.300 G&G Newbie

    Wow seems like not to many people post in here anymore. Maybe I should ask my questions somewhere else.
  18. savparts

    savparts G&G Newbie

    What question???
  19. Gunngee_.300

    Gunngee_.300 G&G Newbie

    Well, I did ask about the bluing on the lever. Is it supposed to be blued? or is it just a polished steel like my dad thinks it is. Also, on the left side of the receiver there is a sideways "E" after it says model 99 but on the barrel it says model 99F. What does this "E" mean? Also I would like to apologise, one of my pet peeves are forums that don't seem very active. I would appreciate any info anyone can help me with, thanks in advance.
  20. savparts

    savparts G&G Newbie

    Lever is suppose to be CASE COLORED unless it was made in the later 80/ \;s then it would be blued.
    "E" was ECONOMY grade, no counter on side, hardwood stock that was pressed checkered.
    "F" was with bell type rear sight dovetail, and was made to be light weight.