Savage MK II HELP PLZ!!!

Discussion in '.22/rimfire' started by mntnbkr1968, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Ok here I am for more advice. Mostly I lurk but I know y'all know your stuff so here's what I got yesterday.

    Picked up a Savage MK II (pre Accu Trigger) for a great price.
    The trigger feels good but not great.
    Any advice on how to improve the trigger?

    Also the local WalMart has a Tasco 3-9x50 that I would really like to stick on this gun (dang thing is CHEAP). So what rings & bases do you recommend?
    I love my scopes very tight to the barrel.

    The previous owner said it's a fine shooter but he never had a scope on it or messed with the trigger. I really think this will be a good one when I get it dialed in. I will pick up a nice stock when I get the bucks as well.

    Dont hesitate to give detailed advice on trigger work. I'm not a novice, I just can't find good instructions in the searches I have done. I can only seem to find AccuTrigger info.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. My Savage MK II is a pre accu trigger as well, but the trigger is REALLY nice. The only thing I really did was polish the bolt. Not sure if thats what did it or if I just got lucky. As far as the Tasco scope at walmart...don't get it. I bought one of the 3-9x40s and after 1000 rounds of .22lr it wouldn't hold zero and the reticle broke. I even treated it well..My friend bought the 3-9x50 and his wont hold zero now on his .22. Just a garbage scope. I traded the broke Tasco for a CenterPoint 4-16x40AO scope at walmart and it is now on my .243...and its a great scope. When it comes to optics, you get what you pay for.

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    Shrek's Trigger Primer...

    The EASYEST possible thing to also the first thing you SHOULD do with a fresh used rifle.

    1. Take the basic components apart.
    2. Take Pics of it all.
    3. Disassemble the trigger group, taking pics of EACH STEP while you do it.
    the reason you do this, is so if something occurs to distract you, (say the wife sets the kitchen on fire/car crash outside/etc) you will be able to look and see how to re-assemble everything.
    Don't laugh, it happens. Actually, DO laugh, because you are next ;)
    4. DEEP CLEAN all surfaces...not only the trigger/sear mating, but also the areas where the components make contact with the things that hold them onto the action.
    5. Oil lightly, and put everything back together


    Lets you check how much of an improvement occurs AND lets you get familiar with the trigger group
    without screwing anything up, which is VERY important. So go fire it and see how it feels :)
    Reason why?? I did JUST that to one rifle, and that's all it needed.
    Had I gone farther and polished/resprung/etc, it probably would have ended up too light.
    As it was, a nice 2 &3/4 pound trigger after only cleaning it made me the happy boy :D

    Ok, after playing around a bit, you find that it still needs more love...time for the Second dive.

    Now you take the time to lightly stone/polish the mating surfaces and connection areas.
    When I say LIGHTLY, I mean NOT change the angles of anything, just make what is there SMOOTH.
    Oil & reassemble.


    Now if at this point, you've taken it apart twice, and you've gotten everything spotlessly clean & polished.
    This SHOULD make 95% of rifles into happy shooters...

    If the trigger ain't quite where you want it for feel, then start thinking about radical mods & Rifle-Basix triggers.

    There are enough Savage info threads in the Savage section to keep you busy for a week learning how to mod their triggers.
    Or just slap in a RB trigger and enjoy ;)
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    thanks Big Shrek, I'll give it a go!!
  5. big shrek

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    Just as a funny aside...that Distraction showed up while I was taking apart a Tec-9/AB-10.

    Wifey makes an EEP sound, so of course I'm curious, she asks me if a snake is poisonous or not...

    So I grab my High Standard "B" pistol and go resolve the problem.

    Of course, I get back in the house, and go...Crap, where was I??
    Fortunately I've pulled the Intertec apart a few dozen times...but it reminded me of my post above and got a laugh. :)
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    Go see my comment on your other post in the general forum. You will like you rifle. The DIP one piece mount is the way to go as I said on the other post. VH