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Savage model 135 seies A I. D. help

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by gmtech288, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. gmtech288

    gmtech288 G&G Newbie

    Bought a beat up .22 lr for $25.00 barrel markings read Savage Arms, westfield mass. usa REVELATION MODEL 135 Series A Cal .22 long rifle.
    SERIAL # C147713
    I can't find any info on the web when searching for savage model 135.
    Any one know the date and vendor who sold it?:feedback:

  2. tappedandtagged

    tappedandtagged G&G Evangelist

    From what I've found on the web, it seems that someone out there (not sure who) thinks that its a Savage model 187 sold under Western Auto Supply? WikiAnswers - What is A Savage Revelation .22 model 135 worth Also, seems that they were manufactured in the early 60's.
    According to this Savage Arms Inc. v. Western Auto Supply Co. (3/2/01) sp-5370 Western Auto purchased some of Savage Arms' assets and sold them to consumers/other retailers. I guess one went bad and this lawsuit resulted. Sorry, couldn't find anything else.
  3. 99trix

    99trix G&G Newbie

    Savage moved to Westfield in 1960 from Chicopee Falls, so it is 1960 or newer. I can't tell you anything else.
  4. gmtech288

    gmtech288 G&G Newbie

    savage model 135 I D

    Thanks to both of you who replied. I have found the same information about western auto. The only examples I have found photos of were branded "Westernfield REVELATION MODEL 135 series A. Im Guesing that the same firearm was sold by several vendors and branded for that particular store. I.E. westernfield was sold exclusively by Western Auto stores. I also believe that SEARS and ROBUCK also sold this firearm branded with thier own model but I don't know of thier brand name.
    Perhaps Savage Also sold the same firearm but branded them with the
    Savage brand?
    It appears that this particular gun originally had a painted finish. the stock and barreled action were painted black or else someone took exceptionaly great care in painting it!! I have removed the paint from the barrel and action and will recoat it with weather shield type finish due the low cost.
    I also want to cut the stock down for my 8 year old son because he has out grown his Cricket single shot for length of pull. but I don't want to ruin
    a priceless antique if this firearm is rare. If any one has any more info I would appreciate the help
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2009
  5. Vern63

    Vern63 G&G Newbie

    In reguards to the 135 A Revelation,,, I am the Original owner of a 135A. I don't have the paper work for the gun, it was purchased at Western Auto in KY. I was 13 When I got it new. That was 1976, Damnit, I'm getting to be a collectable. It worked well for along time, the seer has broken and it is on Full Auto. the barrel gets a rosie red when fired. I am trying to locate a manuel to order parts. I'm not sure if it has become a collectable yet.

    Later Vern63
  6. rustylump69

    rustylump69 G&G Newbie

    Hay vern dont when you posted this but if you still have the rifle. Numrich gun parts online has all the stuff you need. It will be under a savage model 187a
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