Savage Model 23 Rifles

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rcminnich, May 30, 2008.

  1. rcminnich

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    :feedback:I am just looking for general infromation on the model 23 rifles and their various caliber/model offerings, stock options, etc.
  2. Mad Dog

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    General info covers alot of ground on those rifles.

    The 4 model 23 variations were:

    23A/23AA - 22 lr
    23B - 25-20
    23C - 32-20
    23D - 22 Hornet

    Best bet would be to buy Kimmels book on Savage Stevens rifles, they cover most of the basics on the 4 variations and I think they sell around $15 on Fleabay.

  3. rcminnich

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    Thanks Mad Dog for the book reference. I already own one of each model but I know little of the variations in butt plates, stocks, savage logos used, etc. Will the Kimmel book address much of that? I hate buying gun books without seeing them first. Maybe I can find their book at a gun show so I can peruse it first. Thanks Again.