savage model 3d

Discussion in 'Savage' started by simmentaler, May 10, 2002.

  1. simmentaler

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    does anybody have any knowledge about this single shot 22lr rifle
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    Savage Model 3: series
    Model 3 Bolt-Action Single-Shot $135.00
    Takedown. Caliber 22 Short, Long, LR, 26-inch bbl, on prewar rifles, postwar production w/24-inch bbl. Weight: 5lbs. Sights: open rear; bead front. Plain pistol-grip stock. Made 1933-52.

    Model 3S: $175.00 Same as Model 3, except w/peep rear sight, hooded front. Made 1933-42.

    Model 3ST: $180.00 Same as Model 3S, except fitted w/swivals and sling. Made 1933-42.

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    Another query

    I have a 3D the bolt handle is loose. How do you remove the springloaded clip to remove the firingpin an spring in order to silver solder the handle. Does anybody have schematics for the bolt:feedback:
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    Need 3D bolt

    I've lost the bolt on my Savage model 3D. I've spent hours looking for another to no avail. Just found your site so here I am asking if anyone can help me. I'm fixing up this old friend to hand down to my oldest grandson. Email me: [email protected]. Thanks!