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Discussion in 'Savage' started by Rattle'em up, May 2, 2008.

  1. Rattle'em up

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    Help me decide on either a Savage 114 American Classic or the Ruger Hawkeye in a 270.
  2. sell33

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    my vote goes to ruger. I love them never held one that didn't feel awesome.

  3. Ron AKA

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    I really can't help you much other than attest to the value of the Savage AccuTrigger for getting a light trigger pull without being unsafe. I think it is a good idea. I have my Savage rimfire trigger (with a few factory unauthorized mods) adjusted down to 12 oz. It sounds like you are looking for a solid hunting gun, and that may be a bit different. The one negative I can suggest about the AccuTrigger is that if you plan on hunting in cold conditions with thick gloves, the AccuTrigger blade may get in the way. Other than that they both look like nice guns.

  4. im would lean more towards the Savage
  5. Midas

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    Either one will do the job nicely, just go with whichever one feels better.
  6. You'll probably hear many here reccomend a Savage, but I'm going to recommend The Ruger Hawkeye because I bought one back in Augest.

    The Haweye is 1000 % better than the M-77's Everything about this Ruger has been improved and upgraded to the point nothing else needs to be done.

    You can't compare a Savage to the Hawkeye though they both are very acurate.

    The Ruger Hawkeye I feel should be costing over $1000.00 because of all the upgrades.

    I bought a 308 and if I could post a picture of the paper plate I used for the target you'ed be sold on the Hawkeye like I am.
    Another member here bought a Hawkeye in 270 and he'll say the same about his.

    It has a nice target trigger, very acurate hammer forged barrel made by Ruger on there new state of the art hammer mills.
    The stock is slimmer and feels good when you heft it.
    Need I mention the excellent looking Mauser type action and the new steel or stainless steel floor plates.

    Go for the Ruger and you want be disappointed. I bought my Hawkeye for $601.00 and that includes tax.
    Regards A.H
  7. Rattle'em up

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    Hey ArkansasHunter, which stock did you get? As of now you can get either the 06 or 270 with three stock options....wood, black synthetic or the Hogue overmold stock. The 270 comes with the OD green color and the 06 comes in tan.
    The cost of a Hawkeye is 599.99 in stainless or matt the Hogue stock is 60.00 bucks more. All before tax.

    Hey 7mmRemmag,
    The picture of the red Ford in you favorite pictures list looks very familiar.

    I'm not sure if you know who that person is driving, but I'm 98% sure I know that location.
    If the picture is something you pulled from somewhere then obviously it will not matter.

    Location: LittleRock Dam Palmdale, Ca
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  8. turner

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    I own both Savage and Ruger bolt rifles and like them both. I do, however like two things about the Ruger which tend to sway me that way, when I purchase a new rifle. Number one is the integral rings Ruger supplies. If someone is going to mount any typical sized 1" scope, they are simply the best system available. Recently Ruger has apparently been allowing a return/switch policy for those needing other than standard 1" rings, allowing a trade for credit (on unused rings, of course) against any others Ruger supplies. This system is not only better than one you'd mount on your 114, but also will save you $50-$100 on a quality base/ring set. The second reason I prefer the Ruger is simply the design of the action. It is simply a better looking action and bolt; but that might not be of any concern at all to you. Best of Luck!
  9. Rattle'em up

    Rattle'em up Guest

    I agree it's a cool looking action!
  10. i just found it on the internet when i was lookin for some info on an old truck and im a huge Ford Fan
  11. Rattle'em up

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    That area is my old stomping grounds it is located in So.California Desert at Little Rock Dam in Palmdale. Most of the area has been closed because of some threatend TOAD. That area has some huge Hybrid Muley Bucks living in there. Every year 4 wheelers would gather to mud whomp in the dried up resivor. I know it's the same area I have hunted Raccoon, Bear,Deer and fished at for 15+ years and lived less than 5mi away.
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  12. ciddvic

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    i like the ruger ihave many of them and like them all including my 44mag black hawk
  13. Ruger Hawkey. I have read alot about it and would defiently reccomend it over the savage.
  14. Me too!
  15. Hotled

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    Well I am a Savage lover because I believe them to be the most accurate out of the box rifle made in that price range.
  16. Zen900

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    I prefer Savage because of price. Ruger centerfire deer rifles are very expensice or else I'd own one. I own Ruger rimfires and revolvers. Those are affordable but why are Ruger centerfire rifles so much more expensive?

  17. You pay for what you get.
  18. Hotled

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    Not all the time. That statemant is so widely used when it comes to guns,electronics etc, and it's just not true in allot of cases.
  19. That is true! But in the case of Savage and Ruger I feel the Ruger is the better gun and so I can see why it would cost more.
  20. Midas

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    The name is what you are paying for most of the time.